Saturday, 26 April 2014

I think I need a new layout for this blog !

Its late ! I should be thinking about going to bed, but instead here I am thinking about changing my blog layout.  I'm tired of the way it looks and would like to simplify it , change the text, and I'm a bit frustrated with using my iPad to write the posts. As much as I love the iPad I have to admit that my laptop is better for the job.  So on Monday I'm going to use the laptop and try some different layouts.

I've missed blogging and reading all your blogs as well.  I love doing my Upcycling of furniture and all my crafts and its extra money, but I had forgotten how much I looked forward to writing my posts and reading yours . I have been very busy though and if you take a look here you will see why.

Hopefully the link works but if not just enter it on Facebook if you use it that is ! As its a Facebook page.

I've been looking at some of my photo's from last year on the plot and I'm looking forward to getting my cutting patch up and running again.

I'm off to bed now as I have a busy weekend ahead with my two little grandchildren here for a sleepover always good fun but very tiring ! Why do children get up sooo early ?  Could be because unlike myself they go to bed early.

Night night  xxx


Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Maureen, I've missed you so much. You were my first garden blog friend all those years ago. I do hope you start to blog again.

That chair is stunning!

My mother just passed away and I wrote a tribute to her on my blog. As I said in the posting, it wont be the same visiting England in the future. Maybe I could come and see you and your allotment one day. You do still have the allotment don't you? P. x

Maureen said...

Hi Pam
Thank you so much for your comment and I am so very sorry to hear about your mother. I know it has to happen at some stage of our lives to lose our parents but it is still unbearable when it happens. I still see things around especially going through M & S and think how my mother would love it, also whenever I hear an Irish accent or listen to Irish music it brings my father straight to mind.

If you are ever here in England you would indeed be very welcome to visit me and my allotment.
I'm off to visit your blog now so I'll leave a message so as you'll know I've been .

Take care dear friend xxxxxxxxxx
I hope you and the family are well x