Saturday, 2 October 2010

A photo for Prospero

Whilst in Crouch End, London, a couple of weeks ago I saw this old book shop and thought of a blogger friend who goes by the name of  Prospero so I took this photo and said I would post it. Apparently it's a bit of a cult book shop for the local 'intellectuals' and even sells it's own (with name on) calico bag which people who use the shop carry around (so I have been told !) I saw the said bags hanging in the window, but didn't see anyone carrying one !! so I just have to take my sources word for it !!
So this photo is for you Prospero.


Apples said...

Lol, not bad .. Very creative name .. Have you asked them why they called it that?!

Prospero said...

Doc, I'm thrilled that you thought about me! I was probably in the book store at the time (in the alchemy section)... you could have popped in and said "hello."

Carol said...

Oh I do love an old book shop, funny isn't it how blogging can change the way in which you see things when you are out and about and just have to snap it!
Just seen you other blog and wanted to say how beautiful your flowers are, I do love these this time of year.