Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Taste of Autumn at RHS Wisley

On Friday we went to the Autumn festival at RHS Wisley. It wasn't as good as I expected it to be, but it was a lovely sunny day and the grounds at Wisley were showing all the beautiful  autumnal colours, and also  signs of the severe frosts we had recently, lots of plants were blackened by the frost just as mine were at home in the garden, especially my dahlias which have now all been lifted and drying off to store over winter.

It was heaven there for 'Foodies' as most of the stalls were food. There was cheeses, pickles, jams, wine, cordials, oils, and lot's more, all delicious (well I had to have a free taster !!) and not the usual supermarket buys. I'm not sure I would go again, but as we were passing to go to my son's anyway we thought we would go and see what the festival was like.

We visit Wisley often as I am a member of the RHS and I do love it there.  The shop and garden centre are both so good with lots of wonderful gift ideas at this time of year. The restaurants ( there are a couple of them) are also very good value and the portions are very generous.

There were lots of apples

Stripey English Apples, I have never seen these before !!

Beautiful Seeds

Fabulous Pumpkins, some I've never seen before and now want to grow next year

Chillies and Onions

Beautiful Chard
Lovely Pink berries

Globe artichokes, these are on my 'must grow next year' list.

Some advice from RHS on how to grow artichokes


RobD said...

We went to their Northern event at Harlow Carr. Not an awful lot on to be honest apart from an apple display and identification - which was all I wanted really! And it was freezing.

Carol said...

Wow I love all the colours and shapes. I have been wanting to grow some gourds, think that is what they are called. I have grown pumpkin, so easy and it makes such a great soup, curry and lantern!
I ahve not been to wisley but it is on my list.

Vegetable Heaven said...

Lovely photos! I have a head of those iris seeds in my kitchen (waiting for the ooomph to sow them!)

benjiboy said...

I just haven't got the heart for artichokes.

fer said...

The festival looks great, I always enjoy taking a stroll at gardeners festivals.
I want to grow some pumpkin next year too.

Maureen said...

Hi RobD, I can understand that it would be beneficial if you had an unidentified apple tree, there were lots of people at the advice table in the apple tent.
CAROLE thanks for the comment, I agree pumpkins make amazing soup and curry, also lovely roasted with other veggies with added garlic and rosemary.
VEGETABLE HEAVEN, thanks for the comment. I don't have a lot of luck growing Irises, so have never seen those amazing seed heads before, I hope yours grow well for you.
Ha Ha Benji nice one !!!!!
Hi FER, I took a little look at your blog the plant markets in Japan look very good. Have you only got a balcony ? as pumpkins take up a lot of room, but are great to grow and are so delicious.

Pam said...

Such gorgeous photo's Maureen - as usual! Great colours, and I think the apples are probably my favourite.
P xx

Maureen said...

Thanks PAM, the apples were brilliant, they weren't all English but I really never knew that so many kinds of apples existed. I loved the stripey ones.


greetings! it's been way too long since i made my way over to your magnificent allotment heaven! and this visit is no exception to the excitement of each visit! as always, your images and commentary are wonderful - hope your world is holding you and yours gently - best wishes - gypsy

Maureen said...

Hi Gypsy,Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely comment. I will pay your blog a visit as it's been a while since I did. x