Friday, 12 February 2010

A new title for my other blog

I have decided to incorporate my craft work with the recipes that I have on my other blog, so that the craft posts don't take over from what this blog is about which of course is the allotment and garden. I may post something on here occasionally ( craft wise) if I think it may be missed on the other blog, but other than that I will just make a mention that I have posted something 'Crafty' there.

It will soon be sowing and growing season on the allotment and in the garden ! personally I can't wait, especially since I have had to resort to buying some veg from the shops. It's still freezing here in Hampshire, and to make matters worse for us, our central heating has been dodgy for about 8 weeks now. The whole system is full of sludge as it's very old, so the radiators work intermittently, mostly they are cold all day. It is going to cost quite a lot of money to have it power flushed, which we are going to have to have done, but the work can't be fitted in until next Wednesday, the plumber is busy. So I am wearing two cardigans, thick boot socks , and at times a scarf and that's indoors !! we do have a gas fire in the living room, which I hate, but it's been a God send as that room is warm and cosy, but we venture out of there at our peril. I didn't realise just how cold the kitchen was until I reached for my 'runny' honey out of a kitchen cupboard yesterday and it was SOLID.

Have a lovely week-end everyone x


Kella said...


dodgy radiators are the worse we also think ours need a bleeding as this winter we have all been wearing extra layers as well and the house hasn't hit the desired 21 degrees since before Christmas.

Great idea to link your other interest together in one blog, that's exactly what I did with mine to keep the gardening one free and to topic. Which of course means the garden on hasn't seen much interest in the last month or so but that will soon be changing.

You have a lovely weekend as well and don't get to cold.

Maureen said...

Hi Kella, I wish ours only needed bleeding, unfortunately a full power flush costs £400 (local plumber), British gas wanted between £500-£800 depending on the amount of pipes & rads to be flushed. The chemicals they use and the machine unfortunately need to be used by the professionals, so not a DIY job, not that we would attempt it anyway. x

Jo said...

Our boiler broke a couple of years ago, luckily it was during the summer months, but we had no hot water for ages whilst we were waiting on parts for it. It's no fun being without heating in this weather. I'm going to start my first batch of seeds off this weekend, I can wait no longer.

Maureen said...

Hi Jo, It's definitely no fun, I can't wait for Wednesday. I hope you get your seeds sown this week-end, I will pop by your blog on to see if you posted about it after the week-end. Have a good W/E x

Kella said...

Ugg sounds horrible hope it all goes well with out any hitches.

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

So sorry about your heating issues, Mo...I hope it will warm up there for you soon! It will be wonderful be outside in the garden, even to just walk around for a bit sounds good to me! Take care! Jan

Maureen said...

Hi JAN, thanks for the comment. I must say we can't wait to have the heating fixed. It's milder weather today thank goodness, roll on Spring !!!

Pam said...

Hi Maureen, it must be the power flushing season - we had ours done last week. It's great to be warm again. Good idea for crafts etc on your other blog; keeps a focus to each one.
My aim this week is to get to the allotment and see what's happening. Wish me luck!
P x

Maureen said...

Hi Pam, It was good to hear that your 'powerflush' got your heating back up to scratch,as we were a bit worried that it might not work that well, so you have given me faith! we'll see what Wednesday's flush does for our heating, fingers crossed.
I hope you get to the allotment, and maybe find something growing.
m x

Kella said...

Hope you have been keeping warm, the big flush is today right? Hope its successful.

Just letting you know I have left you another award, there has been so many around of late and I really enjoy passing them on.

Maureen said...

KELLA, thanks for thinking of me, yes the flushing of the system is today. We can't wait for the radiators to be up and running and the house warm again.
I left a message on your blog thanking you for the award, I would love to accept it and will see to it later on today. I don't always have time to accept them all, but this one seems fairly quick (no list's to make) so thanks again.
M x