Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I made that visit to the Lottie at last

Today I finally made the visit to the plot. ( sorry I've just got sidetracked ) - I am looking out of my study window as I type and it's snowing AGAIN, not very hard, but never the less snowing ! anyway back to the lottie visit.
It was looking quite dismal and bare as I knew it would. Armed with my camera I took a few photo's of what's going on up there, just so I have a record of events. this is how it looked, sad and lonely.

Poor old Rosie the scarecrow badly needs a make over, new clothes and hat and more straw for her hair, she is looking very sad.

I was cheered by the fact that although I have lost the brussel sprouts and a couple of the 'Rudolph' purple sprouting broccoli ( my favourite veg ) a couple of the plants are starting to pick up and produce some lovely purple sprouting stems. The garlic is doing well and the kale seems to endure anything the weather throws at it. There is still some perpetual spinach going strong, not sure how edible it is though.

'Rudolph' purple sprouting broccoli.

I lifted the fleece which is covering some cabbages I planted last autumn and as you can see they have survived, but need to grow a lot more yet. it's strange that the ones that were left over from the planting and just in shallow compost and left in a very cold greenhouse during all the freezing weather, are doing much better than the planted ones. They didn't get much water either. Hopefully I can get those planted soon and have some lovely cabbages for the spring.

The cabbages I planted out under fleece in the autumn.

The cabbage plants left all winter in a cold greenhouse and doing well so far !

Finally, it lifted my spirits to see the wallflowers that I planted beside the lottie greenhouse have survived that terrible cold spell, amazing ! they made such a wonderful display last spring and flowered for ages, so I look forward to the first bud showing. There was also Lot's of bulbs showing through, so although my hands were frozen,and I hated being up there in the cold, it was a positive visit. Photo below is the Wallflowers today.

This one of the wallflowers is from last spring, can't wait for this years to flower.


Mrs Jones said...

What gorgeous wallflowers! I'm v jealous. It's been absolutely perishing outside today and isn't going to get much warmer all week. I've just realised I could have started sowing stuff already but am trying not to think about it too much - can't stand the thought of being outside just now! Oh, and, yes, Kale is pretty bloody indestructable!

Veg and Flower Time said...


Looks like u'r seed sowing is going well, today some of mine started showing there heads. Love the wall flowers, did some last year but they weren't as nice as yours. I know its probably because the soil isn't great but I'm going to sort that this year.


Maureen said...

Hi MRS JONES,and VEG & FLOWER TIME, thanks for the comments. The wallflowers are great, and the smell is fantastic. The soil in the bed they are growing in has been bumped up with multi-purpose compost and bone meal, and I think that's why they do so well there. plus they have shelter from the greenhouse, so fingers crossed if they survived all the recent weather they will give me a grand Show this year. (probably jinxed it now !!)

Pam said...

That final picture says it all - what we strive to see eventually in our gardens and allotments.
Oh for a little bit of vivid colour!
P x

Kella said...

Dismal you say, well things look positively buoyant in comparison to my garden and plot.

Well done you for visiting, I'm also having more snow so no visits anytime soon.

Ali said...

Isn't this time of year at the lotty very disappointing, but then at the same time full of hope, as you can see what can happen in a few short months!
We have so much to look forward too in "plot land"
I must get to my plot, even if its to take the compost down to the heap! if the weather stays non snow today, I will do just that!!
Well done Mo

Jo said...

You've got lots growing on your lottie at least. Mine has been cleared of crops ready for digging over, but that isn't getting done because of the weather. Your wallflowers look stunning, hope they give you an equally spectacular display this year.

Joanne said...

Glad to hear you like me are tentatively venturing back out into the garden/allotment.

At least we missed the snow that Kent had and hopefully will get warmer days again soon.

Maureen said...

Hi PAM, KELLA, ALI, JO & JOANNE, thanks for the comments. The snow didn't settle here thank goodness. I hope you all managed to miss it too. I have been busy making more fabric hearts, so didn't mind being stuck indoors. x

Lucky Seven said...

Well done, glad I inpsired you to get out and down to the lottie !

Damo said...

you're well ahead, I'm off to sow now! love the wallflowers, great colour.

Maureen said...

Hi Lucky Seven, thanks for inspiring me to get off my behind and get up to the allotment, and for the comment here.
DAMO hi and thanks for the comment and visit to my blog. I left a comment on your 'Brrr it's freezing' post, but it didn't seem to appear ! perhaps like mine it goes to approval first, so I hope you get it.