Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I need more hands.

I have been a terrible blogger haven't I ?? I know I have and it's because I have been so fed up with not being able to garden or get to the allotment due to this terrible weather, that I have taken up other interests and have got side tracked and obsessed with so many other things.

That's why I need more hands !! I am crocheting squares in girlie colours making my little grand-daughter Florence a throw for her room. I am making the hearts shown in my previous post. In fact I have just found lots more lovely fabric. If that wasnt enough I have now bought a book with some fabulous Angels in in to make, one is holding a parsnip and has on fab dungerees and little shoes,I can't wait to make one. I will post a picture when I do, but don't expect that to happen for a while, not enough hands you see !!

I dont know if you remember my post about these seeds from T & M ? the oriental poppies 'Fruit Punch' only 16 germinated out of the whole packet, I e-mailed T&M and they sent me a new packet, well I never had to use the new packet yet, as these fellers have come on fantastically, look at how big they have grown, and really sturdy little plants. I hope I'm lucky enough to have one of the apparently elusive plum shades. Can't wait to see them bloom.


Then there's the onions I sowed a few weeks back, which are growing on the bedroom windowsill, they are doing great, here's a photo. We have only just finished eating last years onions, it's a bummer having to go out and buy some after all this time.

Doesn't it feel great to see new plant life emerging. SOON BE SPRING !!! Yeah !


Kella said...

Girl I know exactly what you mean about being side tracked by other interest while the garden is still in slumber land.

But I need to crack on and atleast start getting some seeds sown in the conservatory, maybe next week eh!


Look forward to seeing your crochet creations, did you get chance to try the flower and heart patterns I sent you?

ReapWhatYouGrow said...

Winter is a fallow period for all of us I think, although I am really thrilled that other gardeners seem to do the same sorts of things I do when we are trapped inside. Knitting and crochet feature heavily, and they are the perfect indoor companion to gardening.

Jo said...

You may be crotcheting and crafting, but you're still way ahead of me on the gardening front, I haven't sown a seed yet. I've got this weekend off work so I'm going to get cracking then. I see you're making a throw for Florence, I'm sure it will look lovely, don't forget to show us.

Maureen said...

Thank you KELLA, ReapWhatYouGrow and JO for the visit and comments. I hope you all get sowing (not sewing !!) in the next week or so, I will get my broad beans going soon, and sweet-peas.
As soon as the crochet throw is either finished or maybe halfway there I will post a photo.

Veg and Flower Time said...

Looks like you are well under way there, a few of my own seeds have started to pop up. I have also found that T&M are great on the after sales front.

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Don't feel bad...you're not a 'bad blogger'...that would be 'ME'!! I haven't been over to say hi in ages...I'm really sorry about that! The weather here is CRAZY right now, so no gardening going on outside...and I haven't planted any seeds this year (yet. I still might.). We got 3 feet of snow in the last couple of days and there is more on the way. It's like the ice age here;-) I'm sure you just have a ball w/your little grandbaby...I hope I will remember to come back to see your 'creation' for her! Stay warm, Mo.

Green Lane Allotments said...

It seems we gardeners are a crafty lot when winter comes - I'm knitting a long cardigan that may be ready for next winter!