Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Art- I met these chaps on my walk to town

I am very pleased with myself today, as I walked into town and back again instead of sitting indoors feeling glum. It was lovely and bright here but bitterly cold . The snow is still thick and shows no signs of disappearing just yet. There were a few places where it has melted and has become very sludgy, so we had to take care where we trod, otherwise apart from that it was lovely and crisp to walk on. I saw these great snowmen on my walk yesterday and vowed to take the camera next time, which I did and here they are. I'm sure there must be many more around the town and it's great to see an old tradition still going.

This chappie must be Hawaiian, he looks 'armless' enough !

I love this one he has a hat and hands made from dried Hydrangea flowers.

This is a very jaunty chap, waving to passers by.

This Snow bust looks like Pooh Bear

Doesn't the snow make everything look beautiful ?

Well that about all for today, and I can't believe it's Friday again. We've nothing planned for the week-end because of the weather. Maybe I will take the time to sort out all my seeds into sowing months, and hopefully get up to the lottie to pick some kale and sprouts well that's if they have survived !



Prospero said...

As I walked to the post office the other day, I didn't see a single snowman (go figure). But, yours are nice, Doc! Sort out those seeds - you want to be ready when the good weather arrives.

Joanne said...

Your snowy friends look fun.

Glad you enjoyed your walk to town.

I have been a bit careful after a realy bad slip in the ice Christmas week and cracking the back of my head. It gave me a headache for 4 days and now I need to get my eyes checked out as having nasty flashes and odd things going on in my left eye. probably nothing probably another Lyme symptom but just need to be sure.

So take care on the snow and ice.

allot of veg said...

Great snowmen. My phisosphy in this weather is to embrace your inner snowman. Someone has made us a snow sculpture on our gatepost - I can't post a picture as it is a rather rude representation of the male anatomy but it did make me laugh!

Maureen said...

Hi PROSPERO, I expect with your weather you could be making a Sandman ? I looked through my seeds and it looks like the onions have to get sown quite soon also the leeks.
Oh JOANNE, I hope you are OK, that doesn't sound very good having a headache for 4 days and now the eye problem. I hope it all gets sorted out. Tread carefully and keep warm.
ALLOT OF VEG, that's so funny made me laugh out loud when I read it, shame there isn't a photo !!!! I am still chuckling ha ha ha .

Pam said...

We've still got some veg to pick at the allotment - but they're frozen into the ground.
Oh for a little warmth up there.
Good idea about sorting through the seeds.
P xx

Maureen said...

Hi PAM, wont be long before the weather improves (this is the new positive me talking !!!) and then all of us gardeners and allotment growers will be rushed off our feet. Bring it on !!

Kella said...

Well done you for getting out the house, I am yet to do so (I haven't gone out with the girls to play) and decided today to defo do it tomorrow, I'll go walk in the woods with the camera for some inspirational shots.

Maureen said...

KELLA, make sure you tread carefully as it's so icy out there, and take your mobile phone if you go into the woods in case you have a fall (mother has spoken ha ha). On a more positive note, have fun and get some photo's. x

Kella said...

I will be extra careful, I promise Mama Maureen :)

Well its been blowing snow down here all morning, sometimes horizontal as well, so I have yet to go out for that snowy woodland walk. Maybe I'll get to out this afternoon sometime.

Thanks for reminding me to take my phone as well.

Pam's English Garden said...

Hi, Maureen, I chuckled all through your post, especially at the 'armless Hawaiian. And great use of hydrangea flowers. We have lots of snow here, but I haven't seen any snowmen. I'd go outside and make one myself if it wasn't so cold! Keep warm! Love, Pamela xx

Anna said...

Some fine fellows there that you encountered on your walk Maureen :)

ginny said...

Hi Maureen,
i love seeing all the snow men and how creative every one is... i saw some teeny tiny snow men on flickr yesterday too... a whole parade of them made by hazeljoy... with tiny paper hats on ... just brilliant.
hope you are keeping warm x

green seeds said...

love the snow men