Tuesday, 12 January 2010

An Irish pub session, I dare you to keep your feet still !!

I think it's time I paid a visit to Ireland, I miss it so much especially the music. This rowdy pub session is of some of the very best musicians from Ireland especially 'The Chieftains'. I have seen them in concert many times and they are amazing. I hope you enjoy this music.

I haven't anything to report on the allotment, I haven't been up there for weeks due to the weather, and I think that maybe the cabbage plants growing in the greenhouse are more than likely dead. The snow is still very much around, and it's still very cold.


Prospero said...

The fiddler looks like a young Michael Douglas - how's that for a reaction, Doc.

Get those seed catalogs out and start making notes!

Maureen said...

PROSPERO, I had to have a good look at Sean Keane (the fiddler)to see if there is a resemblance to Michael Douglas, not sure that he does, but the hairstyle is similar.

I can't bring myself to even think about seeds, I don't think this weather is ever going to go away !!! how's your garden getting on, you never mention it on your blog anymore.

Jo said...

I've never been to Ireland. It's one of those places where we keep saying we will have to go, and never get round to it. I could understand it if it was somewhere half way around the world, but it isn't! No trips to the allotment for us either, the snow is still well and truly with us here.

Anna said...

I saw the 'The Chieftains' many moons ago in Liverpool Maureen - my feet are still tapping:) I am
going to the lottie at the weekend as we have a committee meeting. Wonder what I will find:)

Maureen said...

Hi JO, you have to go to Ireland and see for yourself how welcoming the people are and how amazing the spontaneous music sessions are in the pubs, especially in the South. That particular session of the Chieftains is far from their best performance, but the atmosphere in the pub is very good.
Hi ANNA, I knew you would have seen the Chieftains as I remember you also liked 'The Dubliner's'. YouTube has so many great videos
I am dreading going to the lottie, scared that all my waiting for the purple sprouting broccoli will have been in vain. Oh when is this winter ever going to end ?? I hope you have a good visit at the week-end.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hello there.

Just thought I would pop by and say thank you for visiting my blog. And your lovely comments. And why of course us cancerians are the best around! lol. I will read your blog with interest. As although I am not very green fingered at the mo, I am hoping to get a bit more involved in our garden this year although I have not a clue where to start. Its a typical landing strip sort of a terraced house. But I would love to have pots of flowers for cutting to have indoors and maybe a couple of pots with veggies in even if just some lettuce and spring onion type things.

We do have a patch of lawn but that is for our girls to play on. So I may come to you for ideas and advise if I may.......

Hope the snow melts and you can get back into your allotment soon.