Friday, 28 August 2009

My Post's are like buses ..........

.....Nothing for a while and then two come along, just like London transport !!!

I am in the mood for blogging so here we go with what happened today. I got up late this morning, I wont say what time but I hate it when I do that as almost half the day is gone by the time I have had my breakfast and showered. I did go to bed extremely late though almost 2am. I really must sort out my sleeping habits. I am worse than a teenager !!! I must add here though that I don't get up this late very often, but do go to bed late far too often.

I sowed some cabbage seeds today for eating in the late winter/early spring, I have only just made it in time to sow them, as august was the last sowing month. I sowed some more of Sutton's Seeds 'wheelers imperial' as these have been so tasty with nice light green very firm heads. I also sowed Thompson & Morgan seeds 'April' (spring) cabbage I tried these last year but they all got munched by slugs or something, so I am trying again.

We then went off to the shops to buy a 25th Anniversary present as we are going to the party in London tomorrow. I know I had left it late to buy the present, but luck was on my side as we saw a beautiful photo frame which was perfect for the occasion. So there we are ! nothing too exciting but that's life. I did get a very nice harvest again though, and a nice bunch of flowers from the garden. So that kind of made up for the rainy day.

A little 'Pink' bouquet from the garden.

Vietnamese coriander, growing like crazy. I keep rooting new plants from it.

'Baby Rosanna' aubergine, lots of little fruits

Tomatoes on the patio, ripening AT LAST!

'Munchkin' squashes , and loads more growing on the plot.

Today's harvest

Yesterdays sweetcorn harvest.

Yesterdays beetroot, minus one. (cooked)

This fantastic orange Dahlia has a bit of a tale to it ! and an apology to my neighbouring plot-holder (Ronelle, if you read this it's for you). It was very windy yesterday (really it was!) and when I was leaving the allotment I have to pass Ronelle's plot (really I do, honest!) and the wind had broken this beautiful flower and bent it's stem, so what could I do ?? it would have withered and died. SO I picked it and bought it home to put into some water where it perked up and it is a real stunner. The photo does it no justice, as it's the blousiest loudest orange I have ever seen for a Dahlia. I love it, so I am going to beg Ronelle for a tuber.

I wish you all a lovely week-end.


Kella said...

Oh! I'm a serious night owl as well (what do you stay up to do, I'm normally on the PC) and like you sometimes my late nights catch up with me and I experience a body enforced lay-in.

I also sowed some of the variety 'April' spring cabbage around mid August, they are very much at the seedling stage so not yet transplanted out.

I have two Vietnamese coriander plants as well, both have filled their pots for a third time and I am seriously thinking of giving away one of them. I have also given away loads of rooted cuttings, they do root so easily, don't they?

Your weekly harvests looks delish all my favourite veg and the ‘Munchkin’ squashes really look lovely, I must get me some seeds to try them next year.

flyingstars said...

simply beautiful!

Jo said...

I have been having far too many late nights recently. I think it's because the kids are on holiday and I know I don't have to get up so early in the morning.
The Dahlia is lovely, as are the one's you have grown yourself. You've done really well with your Dahlias this year.

Joanne said...

Lovely pink flowers and a great harvest Hope you enjoy the party

Anna said...

What a beautiful dahlia Maureen - you were quite right to rescue it :) My Munchkins have turned out to be an impostor :( Hope that you enjoyed the party and that the bank holiday weekend weather is better down south !

Maureen said...

KELLA, my late nights are because I just don't get tired until very late. Also I tend to never sit and relax during the day so consequently catch up with reading the newspaper, doing my sewing, and yes me too on the PC, all late at night.

Your tip on rooting the Vietnamese coriander by putting in water was great, thank you for that as I intend to sell some potted up and well established, probably when a friend does a boot sale. It all helps towards seed buying costs.

I have had so many 'munchkin squashes this year off of the two plants I put into the squash bed. I hope you have some luck sowing some next year.
FLYINGSTARS, thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog.
JO. so ! you too are a night owl. I think I prefer to be one as it's so peaceful at night, although at the risk of sounding contradictory, it must also be nice to get up very early, but I have never been a Lark in my entire life, so it's obviously not going to happen now. Thanks for the comments on my Dahlias, I have never grown them before and now I am addicted to them.
JOANNE, thanks for the comments. We had a great time at the party, it was optional fancy dress the theme being 70's & 80's there were some fantastic costumes. I felt I should have made an effort to dress up, but we didn't. It was very tiring as it took two and a half hours to drive to the venue, we stayed until almost 11pm and didn't get home until after 1am, so today(Sunday ) we felt a bit ragged.
ANNA, It is a beautiful Dahlia and now I hope that it's owner will give me a tuber if she digs them up for the winter.
I had to laugh at your 'munchkins' being imposter's ! what are they then ? I will look on your blog for the answer.


oh, wow, another wonderful visit over at your wonderfully lush place - always such fun coming over - and you're always welcome at any of my places so feel free to drop by anytime - have a great day -