Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jan (Thanks for today) is no longer blogging, that's so sad !

I popped over to visit Jan's blog ' Thanks for today' and there was a message saying that she is no longer blogging. I was so sorry to read that message.

She was diagnosed with Lymes disease in June 2009 so I guess it's all to much for her.

I would like to wish her better health and tell her I will miss her blog, she did say she will visit our blogs from time to time, so I hope she does . Here is her blog link if you want to read her post about Lymes disease.

Also visit Joanne at for Lot's more info.

Jan if you read this GET BETTER SOON


cherry said...

Well I for one am going to miss Jan very much !! Hope she is feeling better really soon.

anda very Good morning to you Miss Mo
hugs, Cherry

Maureen said...

Hi Cherry and thanks for responding to my post. It is sad when someone has to stop blogging for whatever reason, but especially ill health, so let's hope she feels better soon.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Oh, thanks so much, Mo;-) I do feel sad about it, but I just need to get away from the computer! I will visit blogs on and off, but just thought it best to stop blogging. It has nothing to do with ill health...I'm really ok! The lyme's hasn't 'got me'...I am still basically fine, really! My post must have concerned many people...perhaps I should add another comment to it. I'm fine, really! Thanks for thinking of me. You are sweet for writing this post. Take care.

Maureen said...

Hi Jan, I am so relieved that you haven't stopped blogging because you are unwell. Your blog will be missed and also your lovely photo's. I know what you mean about getting away from the computer, I try and not even log on some days, but it's addictive and does take up a lot of time.
Take care, visit whenever you can.
lots of love xx

Carrie said...

Yip, I was super sorry to read that too! Thank goodness for people like her and Joanne for rising awareness. May they both have more of those days when things feel a bit better. Though very glad to read Jan's comment that her lymes hasn't 'got her'.