Saturday, 6 June 2009

The vegetables.

I worked mainly in the greenhouse today. I potted on the pepper plants and chillies ('hot stuff' & pyramid) The aubergines are growing well and I am trying not to over water them and not getting their leaves too wet as apparently they don't like this. I intend putting them outside at the end of June, and hopefully I will get bigger fruits than I did last year.

The courgettes are flowering and the round Italian ones are starting to get little fruits. The runner beans and French beans are going well and climbing up the poles. The bolliti beans are being a bit slow, but they went in late so hopefully they will suddenly take off. I have been mulching them all with comfrey leaves and grass cuttings.

The munchkin squashes seem to like where I have planted them and starting to produce the first flowers. I have masses of strawberries waiting to ripen and the raspberries are bushing out at an amazing rate. I still have to plant out the broccoli and brussel sprouts and more squashes and pumpkins, but have yet to allocate a spot for them.
I think the potatoes will be ready to dig up next week, I am going to have a poke around in the soil tomorow to see how big they are.

The rhubarb doesn't seem as big and healthy as last year, I need to look up what to feed it with.

Spinach beet, and to the left Mizuna.

Dark green Italian Kale.

The main Onion bed. The small raised bed by the compost bin is also onions.

Sweet-peas, sweet williams and cosmos.

Broad beans, not quite big enough to harvest yet.

In this raised bed is mainly peas (kelveden wonder) and some garlic, and beetroot.


Moe said...

Hi Maureen,
Gosh you've been busy!! How do you find the time? Thanks for the lovely comments you have been leaving on my blog, its always lovely to hear from you,
Maureen (mark 2!!!!)

islandgardener said...

People (me) are reading and I think your garden is doing quite well!

Maureen said...

MOE, It does take up a lot of time when sowing and pricking out seedlings. The digging and planting out is the hardest,but it's good exercise ( I'd rather Salsa like you though)it gets easier when everything is out of the greenhouse and in the ground.
ISLANDGARDENER, I can't remember seeing you visit before so a big hello, and thanks for the comment.

Prospero said...

Maureen. Thanks for the hint about not getting water on the aubergine leaves. I've been watering my watermelon without wetting the leaves - and this is working exceptionally well. I'll start doing the same with the aubergines.

I'm just starting to get flowers on my summer squash, too. I'm always stupefied at how well organized you are. How's the corn doing?

Jo said...

It's all looking good Maureen. It won't be long before it's all ready to harvest.

Maureen said...

Hi JO, I am looking forward to the first harvest of peas and broad beans, another couple of weeks should fill the pods out nicely.
I dug up about 8 potatoes for dinner today.
PROSPERO I hope it works for your aubergines as well. I have read in a couple of books about not wetting the leaves or over watering, so I am trying it out for the first time myself.
The sweet-corn is growing nice and sturdy and getting taller by the day. I hope yours will soon give you some yummy cobs.

Joanne said...

Your broad beans are coming on better than ours. I love that you grow flowers too good for the insects and bees.

EB said...

It's all looking very good, very rewarding! I hope it ends up tasting good too.