Monday, 15 June 2009

'Art in the Garden'

All photographs taken on our visit to 'Sir Harold Hillier' Gardens , Romsey, Hampshire, England.
There is currently an 'Art in the gardens' exhibition on, these are some of them.

Stained glass humming bird tree hanging.

Pottery leaves, tree hanging

Fabulous carved wooden poppy seed heads.

Ceramic Tree hangings

Stone sheep

Stained Glass garden ornaments.

Sculpted girl in the rushes.

Pottery flowers.

A stained glass bumble bee.

Peacock made from wire mesh.

Mother Nature's 'art work'
sunlight dappled on beautiful leaves,
the leaves were a stunning shiny bronzy purple colour.

I hope you enjoy this Art work and if it's possible for you to visit yourself I would recommend it as it's a fabulous day out.


Sue said...

Lovely! If you had put those sheep up for "Camera Critters" I would have assumed they were alive.

Carrie said...

I love that place, the garden is the perfect place for art, with the different light adding to the effect and enjoyment. Lucky you seeing all that.
Plus - That Yeats poem was read at my wedding! He is my favourite poet

Maureen said...

SUE, thanks for the comments on this and the other posts. Those sheep did look real especially from afar.
CARRIE, it really is a lovely place and so many different gardens within the grounds. You are right in saying that the natural light adds to the effect, the camera didn't show it as it was, it is amazing.
Fancy you having that poem at your wedding, that's great! he's one of my favorite poets too the other being Seamus Heaney. But that poem is wonderful.

Prospero said...

The poppies, sheep and the peacock are my favorites. It looks like Christmas with all those ornaments in the trees. Sir Hillier would be proud.

Becca's Dirt said...

I am so impressed with the creativity for all this yard art. I like the stuff hanging in the trees. All of it.

Maureen said...

PROSPERO & BECCA, thank you both for the comments, The art was all very inspirational. I like hanging little coloured glass jars with tea lights in them around my garden, they look magical in the evening.

allot of veg said...

They are really good Maureen - I too did a double take on the sheep. There is a sculpture garden not too far away from us - I'm inspired to have a potter round at some point.
PS begonias in bud now!

Moe said...

O.M.G I so want to visit! I really love the stone sheep, the woman in the rushes and the peacock! This is great you must have had a really nice time here,
Moe xx

Anna said...

Love the art work especially the hanging pottery leaves and the stained glass. Was any of it for sale ?