Friday, 12 June 2009

Two little reasons I haven't blogged for a week.

And here they are, the grand-children. Bertie and Florence.
I took these photo's on Thursday and it was very difficult getting Bertie to sit with his sister.

We are back now and worked on the plot this afternoon. I weeded the onion , sweetcorn and the cabbage/kale beds. We raised the netting on the cabbages as the pigeons are getting clever at sitting on the netting and stretching it so it dips and then they can peck away at my goodies.

We came home from the lottie with a bag of dark green Italian Kale, short curly Kale, a few broad beans ( I couldn't wait any longer!) and a big parsnip. They were all delicious I steamed the Kale & beans and roasted the parsnip and we had it with roast chicken and roast potatoes, Mmmmm ! plus a lovely bunch of sweet-peas and sweet willliam, they smelt and looked beautiful.

A quick snap before Bertie demanded to be let loose.

Florence was a real poser today.

Happy to pose on his own.


Prospero said...

What, life getting in the way of your blog!

But I must say that those are two beautiful children and you must be incredibly proud of them. You did good with the camera (patience is a wonderful thing) because all the shots turned out great.

Maureen said...

Hi PROSPERO, They are delightful children, and Bertie is now stringing words together into proper sentences, he is very funny and knows his own mind even at 20 months. Florence at 17 weeks is just becoming an interesting age.

I was pleased with the photo with the red background, I turned a play-mat upside down and sat him against it.
Now it's back to planting, growing, and blogging.

Joanne said...

What lovely photos of delightful children

allot of veg said...

Ah bless! They are cute children

Maureen said...

JOANNE & ALLOT OF VEG Thank you for the comments.

Jo said...

What gorgeous children. You must be really proud of them.

Anna said...

A lovely photo Maureen. Isn't little Florence growing a pace ? Your roast dinner sounds most mouthwatering and I bet those freshly picked flowers must set the dining table off perfectly :)