Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Why growing your own flowers is amazing

 I have always tried to grow flowers in the garden that I can cut for the house ! But this year I also made a cutting bed especially for that purpose. Its been amazing having virtually free cut flowers all through the house.  I say virtually because of course there is the seeds, compost, feed then manure for the beds, so there is a cost involved, but nothing like the cost it would be to buy flowers in abundance from the florist or market.  I have been sent a lovely book to review written by Sarah Raven  called 'Cutting garden journal'  I will share it in a post soon as I have to read, digest, take photos for you and then give my personal review.  In the meantime  here is a couple of photos of bouquets I've picked for the house today.


Damo said...

They look lovely very colourful.

Maureen said...

Thanks Damo how are you and the family ?
I've been so busy with others things that I don't even get time to visit all the lovely blogs. I will pop by yours and see what you are up to .
All the best
M x