Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sarah Raven's Cutting garden Journal - a book review

I was recently sent this beautiful book to review. I'm ashamed to say I haven't had the time to review and post so here it is.

First I'd like to say that its a lovely size, covers many different flowers and there is plenty of space to add your own growing successes (hopefully) it's always good to make notes of good and bad experiences with anything we grow.  Personally I LOVE growing my own flowers and my garden at home is full to the brim of cutting flowers and for the last couple of years I've actually devoted a huge area of the allotment for cutting beds as well. So this book is truly a bonus.

Here are some photos from the book. I love it that each months start pages have a different colour and dainty pattern, it's such a pretty book. There are lots of planning ideas and help with putting flowers together to make a beautiful posy of a bouquet plus which vase to choose to display your proudly grown blooms. Who needs the florist shop when you can grow your own for the price of a packet of seeds.

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