Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Does anyone else have a problem with Orla Kiely mugs ? or is it just me ?

I have just e-mailed Orla Kiely customer services as I can't be the only one who has a problem with their beautiful and  very expensive mugs ! the problem is the quality of the bone china mugs they use. Let me explain ! they stain so badly and even the dishwasher doesn't move the stains. I have resorted to using a kitchen spray that has added bleach, which I know wont be doing any good whatsoever to the long term life of the mugs, but I'm desperate. I have even used a teapot rather than putting the teabag directly in the mugs, but that didn't work either.

I have other bone china mugs that cost half the price and they never stain, so this is very annoying especially as they cost £8.50 each. What an expensive mistake !! I realise that you pay for the design, but I expect quality as well for that money !! OK moan over, and I am waiting for their reply.  In the meantime does anyone else have these mugs ?? and do you have the same problem.

I feel better now I've aired that !
M x


The Cookie Jar said...

It's very annoying when that happens. You expect better quality when you pay extra for things.

Anonymous said...

The same thing has happened to me with a 'Dandelion' design china mug from Sanderson. As you say: expensive and you expect better quality. I bleach mine. I don't think bleach should affect the china but I shouldn't have to do it! I think I may take mine back as being unsatisfactory; just to make a point, really, as I like it a lot.
Happy Christmas!

EB said...

I have several expensive mugs and cups and they all stain if you don't put milk in before the tea (so if you're purist you need to use a tea-pot). I also clean them now and again with bleach - just a drop for the inside. I've never had a mug that didn't regardless of cost.

Maureen said...

Thanks for all your comments. I have a happy story ending which I will post about as all the mugs are being replaced, so it always pays to politely complain.