Monday, 30 May 2011

DIY satisfaction and my great bargain from the local Tip

I have had such a busy couple of weeks what with clearing a corner of the garden which resulted in many trips with a car full of garden rubbish to the local tip.  It must have been fate because on one of the days at the tip I spotted a sideboard that looked rather 'vintage ' to me and it was marked up at £10 !!! the hubby took one look and said NO, but undeterred I insisted it would be perfect for the hall (fantastic storage) and it would look amazing perhaps painted cream and distressed (which was what the hubby was at the time !! ha ha)

So we went home got some cash and went back for my 'Treasure'  inside one of the drawers was a brass button that said 'Lebus' furniture and in the middle of the button the initials H.L. We got it home and it fitted the hall, what luck !! as we stupidly in my excitement forgot to measure the space. I looked up Lebus furniture on line and sure enough the company started in London  in 1900 and closed down in 1969 the HL stands for Harris Lebus, see the link below. 
I haven't found out the date of my sideboard YET, but at a guess it's late 1950's to early 60's so definitely vintage.
I sanded the doors which someone had varnished dark and oddly (but luckily) they had left the carcass and drawers the original colour. It took me almost 3 hours to sand 2 doors and I am so thrilled with the result that I have decided not to paint the whole unit, but just the top looks good painted lightly and then rubbed off. Here is a photo of the after I wish I had taken one of before. I did take one on my phone but not with the camera, shame !

It's a quirky design as it looks like it has six little drawers but it is only two long ones. The door fronts are veneered so they look like four doors in the photo, but it's the inlay of a lighter wood in the veneering.
I still have work to do on it as it's far from finished, but I really love it and can't believe my luck.

My second DIY project was to paint my summerhouse which I stained in Red cedar when we first bought it. I hated it as soon as I had done it and almost five years later have decided to get on and do it in a 'Natural Stone' Cuprinol garden shades colour which looks more in keeping with the 'Seaside' theme inside and makes it stand out more in the garden instead of blending in with the fence behind it.  Again work still in progress as I haven't finished the horrid little window pains on the bow window and the little windows on the french doors need another  coat of paint.

Before in Red Cedar

After (well almost) in Natural Stone. It's a kind of putty colour and changes in the different lights

I do have lot's to post about the allotment but I will leave that for next time as by then I will have some photo's.  The broad beans should be ready to harvest in a few weeks, the globe artichokes are growing well, the asparagus seems to have taken this time around and they have the dreaded beetle, but I didn't panic this time I just knock them off into a container every time I go up to the plot and them kill them ( I know I am a terrible person!) and the eggs are like hairs down the stem, so when I can spot them I squash them too.

I hope to catch up on my blog reading this week to see what you have all been up to. Have a lovely week.
M x


Mark Willis said...

The summerhouse looks so much better - quite sophisticated now!

Maureen said...

Thanks Mark, I am really pleased with the way it looks now although I was worried that it may look like a play house !!! (well it is my play house really !!!) but glad you think it looks sophisticated
m x

Vegetable Heaven said...

The best £10 you ever spent? It does look great. I also love the new colour of the summer house. Very cool.

Maureen said...

Hi Veg Heaven, yes definitely the best £10 ever spent, I keep going into the hall to have a peek at it as I just love it. The summerhouse looks so much better being a light colour. M x

Anna said...

I'm older than the sideboard so must be be vintage too:) Love the look of the newly decorated summer house - looks the ideal spot for lazing away a summer afternoon,

Maureen said...

Ha Ha me too ANNA I'm vintage as well. The summerhouse is great for getting away from the house/housework even though it's only at the end of the garden. Trouble is I rarely get time to sit in there, which is something I plan to change this summer, more leisure time I think !!!
M x

Pam said...

What a great post Maureen - inspires me to just get on and DO something!
Love the summerhouse and the sideboard is a fantastic find. Am very jealous!
Think I'll get some paint out.....
P x

Maureen said...

Hi Pam, if I have inspired you to DO something then I am very pleased, as like you sometimes I just lose the inspiration and my creative mojo to get on and DO anything. It's addictive when you get a good find and a good result getting it in to shape, I will be a constant visitor to the dump now !!! (Stig of the Dump, did your children read that book ?)
M x