Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The biggest pile of POO ever

For the last two days a friend and myself have been digging into this very large pile of Horse POO at a riding stables in a nearby village. We have filled about 20 bags and maybe a bit more since yesterday, and we haven't even made a dent in the pile !!! It's well rotted and doesn't smell, so that's a relief !!!

Frances has the first dig

Then it was my turn
I can't believe that a pile of POO made me happy, and especially that it was FREE ! I don't know what that is above my head but I  promise I am not wearing a Tiara !!

We look like 'Thelma and Louise' of the POO pile !!! ha ha

Job done and Frances car is all  loaded up

We think this is enough for the time being. I don't know how but we were still smiling , we had a good laugh whilst filling the bags,  good job we are both fit as it's hard work !!!

We still managed to get back and unload it all at the allotment, and after a quick stop for a drink and a snack we were both busy on our respective plots.  I planted my dahlias that were potted up, planted out two tomatoes, and two courgettes, one yellow and one green.  I still have lot's of things to come out the greenhouse that need planting, and have to pot on my 'Cape Gooseberry' as it's growing like mad and really needs a bigger pot as do lot's of chillies, peppers and tomatoes that are staying in the greenhouse.
As usual I am all gardened out !!!!


Caro (UrbanVegPatch) said...

Fabulous day's work Maureen! And I totally agree: happiness is a big pile of poo, especially when it's well-rotted and headed for the allotment. I hope to be doing the same on Friday and distributing it over the beds which my beans, courgettes and cauliflowers are destined for in a couple of weeks. They're shooting up but will have to wait! Caro x

Mark Willis said...

with all that horse poo available, next year's rhubarb should be pretty fine#1

Maureen said...

Thanks CARO, I hope your POO run goes well on Friday. I am digging mine into the Pumpkin bed as they love manure. I had already manured the other beds over winter and just had to dig it in as we uncovered the back plastic this spring.

Hi MARK, this years rhubarb is huge after the manure I dumped on it last autumn, it certainly is the best thing for most veg. I know there are a few things that don't like manure and I have to try and remember not to get too carried away and end up mulching all the beds with it.

~Holly~ said...

Poo is good!! Especially when it's free poo!! Here's to many many happy veggies grown in your hard work!

Vegetable Heaven said...

The secret of happiness is allowing yourself to be made happy by simple things. I'm like that with chicken poo!

Incidentally, the word verification is 'rests' - I bet you needed to - how apt!

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Free poo! Wonderful! We get it delivered at the plots and can then pay a fiver and barrow lots off to our beds, but free is wonderful. Black gold!

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Maureen, Horse poo makes me happy, too. My little mini horse keeps me supplied with all I need for my garden. Enjoy the results of your 'black gold'. P. x

Matron said...

I would drive a million miles to get at such a pile of well rotted manure! Lucky, lucky you.

Maureen said...

Hi Janet, I don't usually have the luck of FREE poo, but this particular place looks like a good supply for a while yet. We paid £50 for a truck load back in the Autumn ( not from here) and shared it between 4 of us so it wasn't to bad a price and it had been shredded so it was easy to dig in.

Hi Pam, you are lucky having your own poo machine !! ha ha, it is indeed black gold.

Hi Matron, I hope it is lucky and makes my pumpkins grow well.

Anna said...

Now that looks and sounds like seriously good stuff Maureen ~ would that it were nearer ~ me and wheelbarrow would be there in a jiffy.

Damo said...

I could do with some more manure, that looks like a good supply!

Erin said...

Total poo envy.