Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hi Ya

It's been a while now so I thought I had better do a post. It's not that I haven't wanted to ! I just haven't felt up to it as I have been fighting off a cold or virus of some sort for almost a week. I coughed so much that my ribs hurt which in turn made me dread coughing. I caught it off Austin and he caught it off the little ones. I only hope that we didn't leave it behind on the Isle of Wight where we stayed with friends for 4 days ( Austin had it then) Anyway enough self pity it's on it's way now and today I felt much better, but it's left me feeling physically and mentally drained.

Luckily a lovely neighbouring plot holder and good friend has been opening and closing the greenhouse each day for me and watering when it needed it.

I cut our first cabbage of the year today and it was delicious. I sowed and planted them last autumn. They haven't hearted up yet, but we just fancied a cabbage so I cut them anyway, left a small cut cross on the stalks which will encourage some more little spurts of growth (hopefully) and there are lots more cabbages left for later on.

No photo's of the plot but there is a lot happening there. The mangetout are in and growing well. How they ever survived the really bad frost last night I will never understand as lots of people lost their beans (planted out too early) and most of us got our potatoes caught by it.

I have garlic doing well that has been in since the autumn, also some leeks getting bigger and more sown, the aforementioned cabbages, two types of beetroot, radishes, spinach, carrots, two types of parsnips all of these crops are showing through now Oh and some swedes these I have to confess to buying from Homebase reduced to 99p for 10 plants that looked like they wouldn't make it, but I love a challenge. They are all 10 doing well so far.

Little feathery fronds of Asparagus are just beginning to show and I noticed today that the gooseberries bushes, well the red one anyway is covered in tiny gooseberries (green at this stage !!)
I did take a few pic's in the garden this morning though.

These are tiny teeny gladioli that I planted from the little pipettes I found growing around the gladioli bulbs that I dug up to overwinter. I also left some bulbs in the ground and have noticed that they are coming up at last, but having these little new plants is the bonus of lifting some.

I know we had a cold winter, but amazingly these Mimulus survived in this same pot all through it. That has never happened before, they are usually a very tender annual, they should be flowering soon, so that's another bonus in the garden. The Violas did very well too.

These short and pretty Tulips have been brilliant, they have flowered for so long and survived the windy days and kept their petals. I love they way they have become wide and open almost like little peonies.

And here is my favourite, I will definitely grow these again every year and on the plot so I can have some to cut for indoors


Kella said...

Oh maureen when i didn't hear from you I just tought that you were trying to get back to normal with things at home and on the plot after your days away, never thought that you were ill.

So sorry to hear that both you and Austin have been unwell. Our house hold has also been dealing with bugs, the little one is currently the one with it at the moment but seems to be handling it well.

Take it easy and don't rush back into things, give your chest time to completely heal as that can linger and come back worse than it was first time.

The garden looks like it has enjoted the recent wet weather and the plot sounds like it has suffered from lack of your attention but I am sure the weeds will be taking advantage of your absence.

Take care and drop me an email when you are back on tract with your everyday life.

Damo said...

Hope you're feeling better now. Lots of colour in your garden, it looks lovely.

Vegetable Heaven said...

Sorry you've been ill - so has my husband. Drags you down doesn't it? Your tulips are gorgeous. I've neverr been a fan of tulips but we planted some in the village in the autumn and now they look spectacular!

Mrs Jones said...

Oh, I had that bug, it's a doozy. Really knocks you for six, takes a good couple of weeks to really shift - I thought I was never going to stop coughing! Your flowers are beautiful - I really ought to plant some at mine plot.

Ali said...

Glad to hear that you are on the mend and you have obviously kept on top of your allotment seedlings! Well done. Love the Gladioli picture - how cute they are in minature!

Maureen said...

Thank you all so much for the comments. I logged on just now and it cheered me up to see them. I thought I felt better, and I do compared to the beginning of the week, but now I have ear-ache. I think MRS JONES it right it looks like it's going to take a couple of weeks to be rid of it.
But the fact that I posted shows I must be getting a little bit perkier. thanks again all and have a good week-end M x

Pam said...

Hope you're feeling much better and enjoyed your visit.
Those tulips in the bottom picture are stunning - can you remember what they're called?
Take care and have a lovely weekend,
P xx

allot of veg said...

Hi Maureen
Hope you manage to shake the bug off soon and get back to the garden. It looks as though the weather will cheer up next week ready for your return.
Love the flowers. I've use a few more of last years dahlia seeds and have cleared a space to plant my cutting flowers at the lottie.

Anna said...

Sorry that you have been unwell Maureen - himself has been coughing for England these past few days. Hope that you are feeling stronger now and able to enjoy the lottie. That late frost was cruel - my spuds suffered but so pleased that I had only just sown my beans :) Take care and don't overdo things.

Maureen said...

Thanks ANNA, I thought I was getting over it but I now have earache and still have the odd coughing fit, so not on top of it yet. I hope himself doesn't get too bad.