Tuesday, 18 May 2010

All in a good days work !

Oh what joy, after 10 days of feeling dreadful I think this horrid virus is finally on it's way. I didn't hardly cough today or blow my nose continuesly as I have for the last week, so I guess it's almost run it's course. I did see the practice nurse yesterday as I had a dull constant earache, she looked down my ears and they weren't infected but she said all my glands were up and putting pressure on the eardrum. I was told to give it 48 hours (tomorrow ) and if it's no better I will have antibiotics. But I hope that by tomorrow all will be gone.

Enough of my tale of woe, now for the real reason for posting. I did a few hours on the plot and have some photo's to share, it's quite amazing how everything is growing now that we have had some decent rain and a bit of sunshine. I got my french beans (Fasold) planted out, but as I haven't hardened them off I wrapped them in fleece and mulched them heavily with grass clippings which were very warm as they were rotting, so I'm convinced they will be fine. What a crazy year this has been, I can hardly believe that we are nearly at the end of May and some things are still not in the ground due to the weather. I still have all the squashes to go out.

Lots of flowers on the Broad Beans

I am expecting a good harvest of strawberries from this bed.

The Swedes are growing well

The, mangetout, radishes, spinach and beetroot are all through

Potatoes earthed up for the 3rd and last time

First real signs of the asparagus kindly given to me to trial from Victoriana Nursery Gardens these are ' Connovers Colossal' , sadly I can't harvest any this year.

Wheelbarrow planted with Pansies this year.

Flower bed freshly dug and dahlia 'Pink Giraffe' among other plants went in today.

I finally got some other colours apart from yellow in the wallflower bed. They were dissapointing this year as they were supposed to be mixed colours as last year.

Looking down the plot from the greenhouse

Tomatoes from' Victoriana Nursery' doing very well, these are 'Abraham Lincoln' and apparently are very large, yummy !!!!

Parsnips coming through, Yeah !! and I planted straight into the ground this year. Again from 'Victoriana Nursery' and are called 'Hollow Crown'

My first attempt to grow gooseberries this was a large 2 year old plant when I bought it last year, so I should have a decent harvest this year (I hope) it's a red variety, but they obviously start off green.

Can you believe that this photo was taken on 23rd March and see second cabbage photo below taken today, amazing !

Cabbages are now almost bursting through the netting.

Well that's it for todays work and planting. I hope in the next week to get the squashes out and the purple sprouting broccoli and the brussel sprout plants hardened off ready to put them into a bed as soon as it's prepared.


Kella said...

I am so glad to hear you are starting to feel better, hope the glands do go down on their own and there is no need for antibiotics but with such a bad attack of the flu I am not surprised the glands are swollen.

The plot is looking fabulous, and those cabbages are wow!! growing like the triffids.

Maureen said...

Thanks KELLA, I hope you and the girls are all better now too. We are off to see the little ones tomorrow, we haven't seen them for almost 3 weeks and have really missed them.

Vegetable Heaven said...

Isn't it lovely, after all that cold weather, to see how well your crops are doing? They are looking great. Looks like your strawberries haven't caught the frost. Some of mine have black eyes!

pamsenglishgarden said...

Maureen, I hope today you are feeling completely recovered! Your allotment is looking fabulous! Oh, and I love the wheelbarrow with the wellies on the handles ... you always give me some wonderful ideas! My garden is way behind yours, but you give me HOPE! Pam x

Carrie said...

Ah ha we have fought the illness and won my friend!
Plot is looking utterly fab, well done you x

Prospero said...

Glad you are feeling better, Doc. I see that the garden hasn't suffered! I'm glad you got some rain: I could really use some. My garden is growing, but i'm still really hoping for rain. I have 15 kinds of squash this year and hope they won't be wiped out by drought or a sudden heat wave.

Damo said...

Hi everything looks great, and the weather is getting better at last!

dee said...

Wow every things looking fab. The few nights of frost we had has slowed most things down on my plot and I haven't even dared put my peppers and toms out yet.
Can we swap plots please lol
Pleased your over the worst and feeling better *smiles*


Steph said...

wow! everything of yours seem so much further along than mine. i am hoping this warm weather we're now enjoying will speed things up :)

Maureen said...

Hi everyone, I was away for a few days, so it was a lovely surprise to see all of your kind comments when I logged on today, thank you all.
I am all over the horrid virus I had and raring to get back into the work on the plot and catching up on all your blogs.
M x