Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Roll on the Winter for a rest - JOKING !!

Seriously, I moaned about the winter and longed for the spring, but it brings the flurry of sowing, nurturing, planting, nurturing (again) and hoeing and watering, and that's just on the allotment and then there's the garden as well. But the joy it all bring when it starts to look good and plants are growing and starting to flower and produce the first signs of whats to come, well ! that makes all the hard work worthwhile.
Yesterday I spent from 12.30 pm until 7.40pm at the allotment. I couldn't believe it when I asked someone the time that I had been up there for that long. I get so involved in what I'm doing that I just lose track of time. Today I was there for another 5 hours, but one and half was spent drinking tea and chatting with a friend who was prepared to come and have a cuppa on the plot as she knows that.s where I'm likely to be in this lovely weather. She said it was a very tranquil place to be, how nice !

So today I sowed beetroot, Boltardy and Boston, and Spinach and some lovely purple German radishes. ( sorry no pictures). I also got the other beds weeded and raked ready for the Courgettes ( 4 varieties) and the Mangetout and squashes all growing in the greenhouse and soon to be planted out.
This morning I worked in the garden before going to the allotment this afternoon, so here are some photo's I took before I headed off to the plot.
Fabulous Tulips
First signs of life with the Dahlias. I stored the tubers from last year and planted them up a month ago, they will be transplanted to the garden and allotment soon.
More self seeded Viola's, they get everywhere, but luckily I love them.
The Spring planted wheelbarrow
Lovely Pink Ranunculus
Self seeded Red Orach

Viola's self seeded in the cracks of the paving.


Mrs Jones said...

I've been stuck indoors all week feeling dreadful with a streaming cold, gazing out the window and thinking of all the work that still needs to be done at my plot, but I just don't have the energy. It's doing my head in!!!! Luckily I start all my veggies off in individual pots in my plastic greenhouses at home, and loads of things are germinating and growing quite happily, so there they will have to stay for the time being....

Vegetable Heaven said...

I love violas too. I have a black one called Molly Sanderson - must collect seeds!

Jo said...

You will be rewarded for all that hard work, Maureen. The garden is already looking wonderful, and the allotment will soon be churning out fantastic produce. Glad to see that your dahlias are back in to growth and that you didn't lose them over winter, you had some stunners last year. Your wheelbarrow looks lovely planted up for spring, and I love how the violas have self seeded in the cracks in the paving, I can never pull a plant out when it just wants to grow.

Pam said...

Those ranunculus are just gorgeous! Enough to make anyone feel your garden or allotment would be a good place to be.
P x

Maureen said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by.

MRS JONES, I hope you feel better soon, don't try rushing it enjoy some quite crocheting as you will soon be busy outdoors.

VEGETABLE HEAVEN, I don't think I have ever seen black Viola's,how nice !

JO, Like you I try not to pull any self seeders out as they look so natural, and when they seed into empty nearby pots, well that's just magic. I am so looking forward to the Dahlias again.

PAM Aren't ranunculus amazing, and the colours are so good. I bought that plant but I am trying (once again) to grow them from the little spidery tubers or whatever they are called ! I have had no luck in the past, so maybe this year fingers crossed !

Damo said...

Hi, you've got a lot done. I've got dahlias everywhere now, can't wait until they flower.