Sunday, 13 December 2009

A lovely gift and some ugly Parsnips.

On Saturday morning I had a lovely surprise gift from Kella It's a beautiful Book marker (thong) and it's going to be well used and treasured. Thank you Kella. If anyone is interested in buying one either for yourself or as a gift then visit Kella's blog shop Creative Wishes as she has made some to sell.

I went up to the Lottie very briefly on Saturday afternoon and it was cold dismal and the ground was mushy. I truly hate it there in the winter, but I needed to check on my purple sprouting broccoli and the Sprouts, neither of which I might add were ready to pick, boo hoo ! I did however dig up some parsnips and they are the ugliest bunch of veggies I have ever seen, in fact I think they would win an ugly prize if there was one. (see the photo below !!)

However today I cut them up and made the most delicious soup 'Parsnip and Orange soup' which had onions, carrots, fresh grated ginger, fresh garlic, Orange zest and a small amount of the orange squeezed in after blending ithe soup. I must say those ugly parsnips were delicious in the soup. I will post a photo and the instructions on my recipe blog very soon.



Kella said...

I'm glad you like the gift Maureen, I hope it glams your reading this dreaery winter.

Those parsnips don't look to bad, when I pull mine this week I hope they are half as good as yours.

I'm hoping I don't get parsnips with four and five root tendrils, fingers cross.

That soup does sound tasty, I look forward to reading the recipe.

Carrie said...

Nice present!
Parsnips come in funny shapes, naughty shapes too hehe. But thing is supermarkets reject them and we know better..they taste just as fab. Just a little bit annoying to peel, ;)

Jo said...

What a lovely gift and very kind of Kella for thinking of you. I don't think your parsnips are particularly ugly, Maureen, I've had worse! They should be getting sweeter now too after the frosts.

Anna said...

I'm off to have a look at that recipe :)

HappyMouffetard said...

Those parsnips look great, and the recipe sounds delicious, I've not heard of parsnip and orange before.