Monday, 7 December 2009

A Dark dreary day, I'm thinking of hibernating !

I am forcing myself to do this post because I know how easy it is to get out of the habit ! ( NO !that's not the right word, I don't want it to be a habit) but you know what I mean, days and weeks slip by and before you know it blogging becomes hard as there is nothing going on in the garden or allotment to blog about.

The weather today is so bad, it's like it has been night time all day, dark, grey, raining, windy, I hate it. I'm sure I never got this fed up with our weather before ! I always just took the weather as it comes, I guess it's because my main interests have become the outdoors type of gardening /growing/ planting interests, so I think I need to get a grip and get back into my indoor winter hobbies, or I will go insane.
I spent most of last week in our wonderful capital, London. My younger son is in Singapore working for a few weeks, so we have his apartment whenever we want to go there. It was a lovely break and Oxford Street was buzzing. Selfridges window displays were amazing as usual, but I think last years were better.

I know we are still in a recession, but 'Santa' selling copies of the 'Big Issue' is hilarious, and he has a dog ! what happened to the reindeer ? ha ha

I have been busy making some cards as well, but stayed up far too late last night doing them.

Does anyone else have problems with posting photo's on blogger or is it just Me ? before I press 'preview' all my photo's are where I want them to be which is on the left and right sides of the post, but when I preview they are all lined up underneath each other and only on the right hand side !! why is this ?? it is sooo frustrating. Aaaaagh

Card making to stay sane.

Well by the time I finished writing this post it really is dark and almost night time. I feel like hibernating it's so dark. I will leave you with a few photo's from Selfridges Christmas windows.

A few favourites from Selfridges Festive window.

Dick Whittington's Cat.

Cinderella with her Pumpkin.

Some fabulous shoes.

I Love these boots.


Kella said...

Girl you don't have to explain to me about disliking the dreary weather and dark days, blech!!

Like you crafting is helping to keep me sane, those cards are fabulous by the way. But like you I'm also finding myself burning the midnight oil due to crafting.

One of the tricks I have found to get your pics to align themselves where you want them in your blog post, is to; 1st - write the post in Microsoft Word, etc, then plan where you would like your pictures to be. Then I up load the pictures in the alignment I want it to be, starting with the last one to be seen in the blog and then the 2nd to last one and so on and so on. Then I copy and paste my typed post where I want it to be in relation to the photos.

Hope this made sense and helps.

Anna said...

Same sort of lights on in the middle of the day here too Maureen but the forecast for later in the week is much better :) If it doesn't improve I shall join in with you and hibernate too. Which editor do you use on Blogger ? I tried the new one out recently and my photos were everywhere so reverted back to the old editor and no problems since.

Maureen said...

KELLA, thanks for the comments. I knew you would be like me with the weather, just like the late nights !! I love making the cards. They are little cards suitable for thank you notes. I make the card blanks and the envelopes myself which takes time before I even get to do the crafting on them, but it keeps me sane.
I will try what you do in Microsoft word and see if it works for me. Thanks for the info.

ANNA, hi, I saw the weather forecast this evening and like you said it's apparently going to improve after Wednesday HURRAH ! it's so depressing.
I wasn't aware there was a new and old editor in Blogger, I have always had it on the one I started with, (I think!) I must check this out, thanks.

Kella said...

Gosh you make the envelopes too? that must take you an age!

Just wanted to say that like Anne I also use the old editor version. I was given the option to try the new but chose to stick with what I knew as I wasn't sure I would have been able to switch back if it didn't work out.

Oh yes! go to bed :)

Pam said...

The cards are all beautiful. Bright lights are what we all need just now - light some pretty candles and get cosy by the fire.
P xx

Maureen said...

Hi Pam, thank you. It's actually a little brighter today, but I am like a caged animal walking around the house and can't put my mind to anything constructive.
I am waiting in for the Gas Service engineer to arrive as the radiators aren't working well. I am hoping they come early afternoon so that we can go to Winchester to do some more Christmas present shopping (almost all done).

Carrie said...

yes dam the darkness and dready damp wintery-ness! I'm going bonkers! Lucky you to have a pad in the city - any mad parties planned, haha. I'm trying to find crafty things to do in the house too - lovely cards by the way. Keep blogging girl! x

Maureen said...

Thanks CARRIE, I knew you would understand about my feeling with the weather. I hope you are bearing up with it.
Yes it's lovely having use of the son's apartment, but no mad parties as I have cleaned it all !! he told me to help myself to anything, especially the 'Cleaning products' cheeky beggar !! it looks all clean and smart again now.
We are hoping to get one more stay there before he returns on the 21st, I love city life there is such a buzz, and I feel so alive there, and the area is just lovely and so central.

Prospero said...

Those Santas are pretty scary, Doc. I have an unspoken rule - never to talk to a santa with a clipboard (even if he has a dog).
There's just something a little too perfunctory about it.

Do you mean to say that you drew the figures yourself? If so, I am majorly impressed.

Sorry about the weather and darkness over there (I won't tell you about the weather over here cause I'm afraid you'll have a break down).

And finally, where was that manure talk you mentioned. I couldn't find it!

Maureen said...

Hi PROSPERO. The Santa was selling the magazine for the homeless 'The big Issue' and I don't know about anywhere else in the world but the crazy English social services pay the homeless extra benefits to feed the dog if they have one, so it's a no brainer really that they all have one !!! , not that I'd like to see an animal starve, but they rarely look too healthy on their share of the benefit !!

OK, now to answer your question re the drawings on the cards, I don't draw them, but still be impressed (please) as I have to ink and stamp them, then water colour them,and finally add some Lacquer to raise parts of the image up, I also make the card blanks to size and hand make the envelopes - da da, end of story.

Now the manure mystery, I have searched everywhere and I don't know where I left the answer, I must have left it on someone else's blog and they are probably thinking I have finally flipped over the weather.
So here we go again. If the manure is very fresh, yes ! it will scorch your plants. You can either dig in in to a spare bed or area that isn't being used, cover it up with cardboard or plastic and leave it for 3-6 months. Or leave it all in a heap without digging in, cover and leave for as 3-6 months and then use it. I hope this helps.

Joanne said...

Hi Maureen a lovely christmasy post glad you enjoyed your stay in London.

Sorry I can't advise on blogger other than how difficult it is to put photos where you want them but glad I have managed to do bigger ones.

I have been away at Dad's and since i got back have been so busy so very behind with blogging.
Thank you for the award but I decided not to do any more for now. After I have been busy on Lyme things there is never enough time left for blogging.

Maureen said...

Hi Joanne
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you, the family and your dad are well.
I quite understand about the award, it does take time, but you do deserve it as your blog is lovely, so I am glad I made a mention of you on mine anyway.
take care.

Jo said...

I know just what you mean about these dreary days. We've had a few recently where we've had to have the light on all day. Of course, the weather improves when I'm due in work, how typical is that? I love your cards, they're so cute.