Friday, 18 September 2009

Bargains, Raspberry Curd, and Chutney making.

Whilst in 'Waitrose' quite late the other day when I was shopping for some apples to put in my beetroot chutney, I spotted the bargain trolley and wandered over to have a look, WELL I couldn't believe the prices and the temptation to buy. Having just eaten the last of my carrots from the plot and having just 2 potatoes left in my storage sack, I just had to buy, these were the most generous reduced prices I have ever seen. So this is what I bought:

2 bags of organic carrots (with lovely leafy tops on) ..49 pence per bag

2 bags of organic potatoes ...(Nicola & Desiree) ........ 29 p and 49 p

1 baguette baked that morning ...................................... 10p

1 bag of fresh sweet chilli noodles ................................. 49 p

1 bag of crunchy mixed organic stir fry vegetables ...... 29 p

and then when I got to the checkout the assistant took another £1.49 off as she said it was buy 4 organic items for the price of 3, amazing !! The whole bill including my bramley apples which were £1.69, came to £2.82, so after deducting the apples all the other items were just £1.15 !

I was smiling all the way home. I will definitely be going back a hour before closing time again AND AGAIN. Oh I love a bargain.

Chutney and Curd
I have been busy harvesting most of the beetroot from the lottie, there is still some more but the ones I bought home were getting a bit large, so I have made a second batch of the delicious Beetroot and Apple chutney I mentioned recently.
I also found a recipe for 'Raspberry curd' it was in the last issue of 'Grow your Own' magazine' it is so scrumptious I really recommend anyone to try making some, it's lovely with plain yogurt and also pancakes or ice cream. Let me know if anyone would like the recipe.
The magazine printed details of the book they took the recipe from (see below, but you can't click to look inside here, only on the amazon website)
so I have ordered it from Amazon, the address at the bottom will take you straight to it.

Beetroot and Apple Chutney and Raspberry Curd


Pam'sEnglishGarden said...

Hi, Maureen,
Excellent bargain shopping! I would love both these recipes, please ... I still have some beets to harvest. I make lemon curd, but never raspberry curd - it sounds delicious. I am going to be out of commission for a while, so no rush for the recipes. Take care. Pam

Kella said...

Well done on your bargin purchases, doesn't it feel good to truley get your money's worth when you spend it.

I have heard of raspberry and lemon curds are there others?

mrs jones!!!! said...

Hi have just rediscovered your blog, its fab!! Wonderful bargains , I always seem to miss them in my local shop. The recipes would be great if you can share them please!!!


maureen said...

PAM, I will post the recipes on this blog, but as I know you are going to be out of action and may miss them here, so I will e-mail them to you as well.
KELLA, it really feels good to get a bargain, especially an edible one. I made yummy soup with the potatoes and carrots lovely with added ground cumin, we had the bread with it, as it was still fresh the next day, and the sweet chilli noodles and stir fry veg along with a chicken breast was our dinner the next day. Re- the 'Curds' There are lots of recipes for different fruit curds in the W.I book.
Hi MAXINE, I'm glad you found my blog again. I will post the recipes this week on here and I'll visit your blog and let you know when they are on. The Raspberry curd is gorgeous in plain yogurt, and as all the seeds are strained out for curds, it makes it very fruity and creamy.

Jo said...

Great bargains. I never seem to find any when I'm doing my food shopping. Perhaps I should go later.
I didn't grow enough beetroot this year. I'd only ever eaten pickled beetroot before, but having now discovered roast beetroot I will be growing lots more next year!

Pam said...

Hi Maureen - love the idea of raspberry curd, so definitely want that recipe. I'm also going to give the Waitrose trick a go - all those lovely veg for such a great price!
And thanks for the email - worked a treat.
P x

Maureen said...

JO, I hope you get some bargains, try going an hour before the shop closes that's when they practically give the stuff away. Baked beetroot Mmmm my favourite way to eat it, apart from the chutney I made.
PAM, The Raspberry curd is so delicious, I'm on the 2nd jar it's yummy in plain organic yogurt. I received the book yesterday (Fruits of the Earth) from 'Amazon' (seems to be the best price)it really is worth having, there are some great recipes and it covers such a lot.

Vegetable Heaven said...

Hi from Vegetable Heaven! You really have a nose for a bargain. Nice to see what others are growing and making with their produce. May I put a link to your blog from mine?

Maureen said...

Hi Vegetable Heaven, yes a link would be good, I'll put one to yours from here as well if that's OK. Thanks for the comment.

Re said...

Waitrose do cut their reduced for quick sale prices down brilliantly.