Monday, 6 April 2009

Stones in his pockets !!

I thought I would add that title for my post although it's got nothing at all to do with plants, allotments, or growing anything. This evening I have been to see a wonderful Irish play ( of the same name as the title) that I have been meaning to see for about 7 years. It was running in London for ages then went touring abroad and is now back and it was at our local "newish " theatre. " Stones in his pockets" written by Marie Jones has won lots of theatre awards. The amazing thing about it is that two brilliant actors play 15 characters between them ( I know that's difficult to imagine!) If you ever get a chance to see it you wont be disappointed. It's very funny and wonderfully acted. enough said !

I had a great time last Thursday in London catching up with my long lost friend, we talked for England ! for about three and half hours and then she had to get back to another part of London, to help her daughter with her new baby. This was the main reason for her visit here from Spain.
Now for some Lottie news.
I worked on the allotment over the week-end. I put my peas in their bed. I grew them in toilet roll innards and they were just growing over the tops, so in they went and are now coming on well and all covered in netting to keep the birds off.
The Mizuna that I sowed a week or so ago is up, two rows of it and it's looking good. I think I can just see the spinach beet peeping through, well I hope it's that and not weeds. That's the only thing about sowing into the ground ! one never knows if it's a weed or not until they grow some more.
The rhubarb is looking good, and the raspberries are starting to shoot up again. I have potted up the masses of strawberry runners, which I will give away, as I already have a bed full, plus some new ones I want to try that I bought in the garden centre sale last year.
I grew some lovely "Burpless" cucumbers last year in the greenhouse (at the lottie) I bought just one plant and they were really delicious, and one plant gave many fruits. I have been looking to buy some seeds of the same, for ages and have just found a packet. They are "Thompson & Morgan" - cucumber, burpless tasty green F1 Hybrid. that's what it says on the packet.
I recommend them, I don't know about the not burping bit as I don't have that problem with cucumbers anyway, but for someone who does it may be worth trying these.
Well I am being a bit of a gasbag here with this lengthy post, sorry about that, but it's been a while. I have posted a few photo's below that I took today.
I am off to London again tomorrow, my youngest son's home this time. He lives in central London in a lovely area which is easy to get to all the good places. We are back on Thursday, so I won't be posting again until the week-end. My plants are being looked after by a lottie neighbour ( the ones in the greenhouse on the plot) and my daughter is stopping by to see the plants in the 2 mini greenhouses in the garden. I do hope they will all be OK. They have taken so long to get them to the stage they are at. I will be glad to plant them out when all danger of frosts are over. I have many more seeds to start growing, and I just don't have any more room until the current ones get planted out.

One of the rhubarb plants starting to fruit ( I have five ! I think I overdid that )

My sign , now attached to a stake, it was just on the ground before.

The wallflower bed outside the lottie greenhouse

Can you spot the first Cerinthe to be planted out ?

The other Maureen's shed has a new sign, I love it !


Ali said...

Just to let you know that I have been by and read and am loving it!
Keep up the good work Mo. x

Maureen said...

Hi Ali, thanks for the comment. I hope you are well. We are off to London in a little while, looking forward to it, I love the city. :)

Ida said...

I can really tell that you love flowers and gardening.
Your garden and home is a lovely place.
Enjoy, take care and have a Happy Easter. :)
Hug's from me in Norway.

Anna said...

Thanks for the nod about the play. I will keep my eyes open to see if it's ever on in this part of the world. I grow the same cucumbers too along with one of the small varieties and they are both delicious. I spotted the brave cerinthe in amongst all those wallflowers. My wallflowers are just opening now and don't they smell good ? Hope that all ticks over nicely in your absence Maureen.

allot of veg said...

The flowers near the green house look lovely. I'm trying to sneak more flowers on to the plot this year. We are trying to help the bees, but I do have an awful lot of veg to get in too - somethings got to give. Enjoy the smoke!

Pam said...

It's great when you can start to plant out. Enjoy your trip.
P x

Prospero said...

Greetings from Bermuda. When we were young we used to blend rhubarb and 7up and have it on warm summer days. I just thought of that. Nice blog.