Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A little bit of everything

I only went to the lottie for a short while today, to check on the dahlias and plant out some more sweet-peas. I have taken some photo's of various things today, so I thought I would blog them. see below.
Tomorrow I will be in London, so I am going to do a post with some photo's of other plots on our allotment, there really are some very beautiful ones. I am going to try the post-dated thingy to see if it works, I will check when I get back to see if it posted automatically.
Photo's from the top are,
1st-My bargain pansies ( I can't resist a bargain),
2nd- is the CERINTHE all grown up and almost ready to plant.
3rd - my garden table taken over as a nursery.
4th- My recycled wheelbarrow, taken from a skip (with permission!) and planted up.
5th- The Dahlias in the lottie greenhouse, growing at last.
6th- The Wallflowers outside the lottie greenhouse, just beginning to flower
7th - The summer house in my garden (click for a closer look) it's very cosy on a cold day.

Rosie is back on the plot and looking pretty in pink


Randy Emmitt said...

Love the scare crow and the wheelbarrow. I'll be back.

Anna said...

I like your Rosie. Must have a go at making a scarecrow myself. The post dated thingy does work - I have tried it out a couple of times now :) Enjoy your day in London Maureen.

EB said...

Fantastic - I love the wheelbarrow too!

cherry said...

ahhhhhhh Rosie is adorable !
hugs, Cherry

Maureen said...

Thank you, RANDY,ANNA,EMILY & CHERRY for your comments. Rosie got blown down in the strong winds we had a little while ago. So she has had new hair (Raffia) a lady on Freecycle gave me the sweatshirt, and her hat and scarf were £2.50 in the sale at Tesco's so she is all girly again now. She she gets lots of comments from passers by as my plot is by the perimeter fence, so it's seen from the road.

Sue said...

Everything is looking great!

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

It all looks wonderful! Love the scarecrow ;). I hope you have fun in London.

Carrie said...

I believe the 1st time we met was over a photo of dear Rosie. She looks delightful.
The post dating does work I used it when I was on holiday last time.
Enjoy London!

Pam said...

That wheelbarrow looks great. Bet the smell from the wallflowers is beginning to waft around too.
Enjoy London - I'm off there in a month's time, to visit the Chelsea Physic Garden.
P x

Tatyana said...

Hello Maureen! Inspiring pictures and lovely music. Thanks!
Thanks for your comments on my blog!