Sunday, 4 May 2014

Everything's growing well

So far this year most of my seeds that I sowed have come on really well, I say most as my Asters didn't come up at all.  They were old and out of date so that could have been the reason although I have grown out of date seeds before with good results.

Here's a few of the things doing well so far

Broad beans growing fast and need to be put in the ground very soon as they are getting leggy

My cut and come again mixed salad leaves, can't wait to start cutting these !

 Herbs mostly from last year and probably needing to be re-potted with fresh compost I only hope I don't find any vine weevils ! The bane of my gardening life !!


 My first successful growing of Ranunculus , I only hope they grow into healthy plants as I love them and they are expensive to buy.

 Courgette plants the variety is 'Zuccini' love courgettes so can't wait to harvest these

These are the many Zinnias I'm growing for my cutting patch at the allotment and some for the garden. 

That's about it and still plenty of things sown which haven't appeared yet, such as runner beans, early French beans and squashes .  The butternut squashes have grown are are coming on well as are the chillies, and tomatoes 


Joanne Wilson said...

I had to re sow my Aster seeds again as the first batch never germinated. I hope they do well for you now.

Maureen said...

Ah thanks for that Joanne I'm glad it wasn't only mine.
I've bought some more now and sowed some from the new packet.
I hope your second sowing gets results.
I bought the variety 'big boy'. As they were always a success for me in the past

M x

Mark Willis said...

I think a lot of people (especially seed merchants) are unduly pessimistic about using "old" seeds. Some seeds last quite well for years and years - you just have to some a few more than you normally would. I had trouble with (fresh) carrot seeds this year. The first batch I sowed failed miserably. Fortunately the second batch is just coming up now.

Maureen said...

Hi Mark, I think your right ! It's not good to use old seeds if you are counting on success. I've now sown more.

Just had a a quick peek at your blog and it's looking great.
I'm very impressed with all you are growing, it looks very healthy. I've only just got my growing mojo back as I've been busy with other projects.

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Maureen said...
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Pam's English Garden said...

I hope your garden is continuing to flourish, Maureen. I'm in England right now and really missing mine -- hope my husband is keeping up with the watering. P. x