Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A new start with my blog

After neglecting my blog for such a long time due to other commitments I've decided to put aside some time each week to catch up on my own and other blogs that I used to visit.

I always enjoyed and was encouraged by other peoples blogs, and it kept me interested in growing and blogging.

So here we are a new start and hopefully a continued one !
All the troubles on the plot seem to have settled down and I avoid our Hitler warden as much as I can. In fact I haven't been as keen this year on being there. I've just done the essentials.  I have been very busy buying second hand furniture and Upcycling and shabbying  and generally producing some amazing pieces from old thrown out or sold junk ! Great fun, and a good source of extra income from what started as a hobby.

So from next year I have to plan my new plot better and get a grip on the bind weed that has smothered my gooseberries, black currents and raspberries.  I worked the fruit bed for over a week when I first moved over to plot 30, and had buckets of bindweed, but it's all back and driving me crazy ! Funny enough I didn't have hardly any on plot 19 ! Just the odd bit here and there.
How do you allotment and  vegetable gardeners deal with this terrible scourge  ? ?? I'd love some tips to get rid of it,

I have had some good harvests even though its been a funny sort of year. Below are some photo's I've taken .

I hope you are all sowing, growing, harvesting and enjoying your plots .
Here are a couple of photos of the many squashes I've grown. Probably the best year for a while for these.

I've had lots of tomatoes this year, all grown in the garden as I sold my greenhouse on the allotment as I find its a tie.  In the summer months I was having to go up and water twice a day. It was the best decision I made as I've had just as many from the garden  and also my chillies were fine in a little mini plastic greenhouse in the garden.

I've just applied the new upgrade to my iPad and there are some changes I don't like, one being on this blog I can't see the whole page and its making it very difficult. And I can't seem to get a preview, which is annoying.

I have been very lucky to have been sent a brilliant new cookbook to review on this blog, but because I've been so busy I haven't had time to do it, so I'll leave it for another day as is like to try some of the vegetable recipes .
Take care
M xx