Thursday, 17 January 2013

At last i've found out there is a real problem with blogger

So it's not just me then Hurrah ! here is a link to a debate about it if anyone else is having the same problem.!category-topic/blogger/l-3-iFv_7Ck


Gwen Ward said...

To upload files you should have a box at the top of the upload page which says 'Choose files' and you can search on your PC. I think Blogger is just trying to be very clever!

Maureen said...

I tried everything and it doesn't work. Did you see the forum I put a link to ? There are a lot of angry bloggers out there .

Pam said...

Afraid I've defected to another bloghost! See how it goes and try somewhere new? So good to see you blogging again though Maureen!
P xx

Anna said...

No problems here Maureen but I imagine that it must be most frustrating. We started our blogs at more or less the same time and although I've had some issues with photos have never had that one (touch wood quickly). Which browser do you use?

Maureen said...

Hi Pam
I've visited your new blog and its lovely. I could be joining you if this problem doesn't get resolved soon. Blogs just arent the same without photos.
M xx

Hi Anna , are you sure your not having problems ? I ask as I have been on the forum debating it and the browse button to upload fron your PC isn't there anymore. Which was a relief to find out as I thought it was just my PC. If they don't sort it soon I shall,be joining Pam on Wordpress.

I hope you and the family are well
M x