Monday, 13 August 2012

The Harvests are just getting better

After the very bad start to this year and delayed planting I suppose I can't complain as this was the harvest from yesterday.  There were so many beans to pick that I had to leave lots on the plants for another day.

 How about these Zebra beans ? aren't they amazing ? It's the first time I have grown them. They taste fantastic steamed as you would normal french beans. They don't retain the stripes or colour when cooked but they do taste different, delicious in fact.

and these are the purple dwarf beans that I am growing in a container at home in my garden. Again they lose some colour but are really tasty.

I hope you are all having some good harvests and enjoying the sunshine whilst we have it.  Today was a wet one but I'm not complaining as it saves watering the garden and plot.

Have a good week
M x


Pam's English Garden said...

What a wonderful harvest, Maureen. Mine hasn't been too bad either, considering the intense heat here. I really must be more adventurous with the varieties I plant ... those zebra beans are amazing. Enjoy the rest of your summer! I can't believe it's nearly over. P. x

Caro (UrbanVegPatch) said...

It's lovely to see that earlier efforts are bearing fruit at last. My little veg patch is gradually catching up and I've had runner and french beans, carrots, potatoes and peas. Got a couple of spaghetti squash forming in the garden which I hope will reach full size and have been enjoying raspberries over a two month period, with plenty more still coming!
How many dwarf beans have you got in your container, Maureen? I think that looks an excellent way to grow them. I planted mine in a raised beds and they were almost swallowed by the surrounding plants!

Maureen said...

Hello Pam, thank you for the comment. It's hot here today and I am not very good with the heat it drains me !
The Zebra beans were just a fun experiment, but so tasty they will be on my planting list for next year. I hope you are well.
M xx

Hi Caro, I just went out and counted and I grew 7 plants in the veggie bag. They have done so well in there and look so pretty when in flower. I will definitely grow them like that again.
M xx

Caroline said...

They look delicious - well done! It's quite a steep learning curve this veg growing isn't it?!
Very rewarding though.

notjustgreenfingers said...

Wow your harvest is good and I love the zebra beans. Lovely blog, i've only just discovered it

Anonymous said...

Last year I grew some beans called "Selma Zebra". I wonder if they were like yours? I left mine to mature and used them as shelling beans. They were OK, but not very prolific.

Ami said...

Been looking into Mini French beans (french bean bushes) cant find seed anywhere by where we live.

Gerhard said...

Hi. Our summer is just starting; I’ll be planting beans for the first time. Thank you for the fab photos and inspiration; I’ll see if I can find Zebra Beans here. Regards. Gerhard