Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Newly painted Summerhouse ( at last!)

It's been a long time coming ! but the summerhouse has at last been re-clad in the worst areas and now painted inside all over and outside on the new wood. Bad news though it still has trickles of water trickling in from somewhere !! so we have to clear silicone anywhere we see the teeniest gap. But anyway looking on the bright side I adore the finished interior. It's the nearest I will ever get to owning a beach hut. Here are some photo's

I used Cuprinal 'Shades' in Natural Stone and Country Cream, and it looks so light and airy and such a pleasure to be in. The stacked wooden wine boxes are going to be painted and stacked to make a shelf unit.  I also had a lovely Potting table for my birthday which I have painted in Cuprinal' Coastal Blue' unfortunately it can't go in the shed as that's quite full, so it has to be outside the shed where it looks great, but I can only use it in fine weather ( what's that I hear you say !!!!) again here is a photo

Total beach area now what with the shingle!

Hampton Court Flower show

I went with a friend last Wednesday to the members day at Hampton Court. I have never been on a members only day, but I have to say it was worth the extra cost for the tickets as it wasn't as crowded as it is on a non members day.  We had a fabulous time and got there about 10.30 and didn't leave until almost 7.30 pm exhausted didn't describe how we felt, but I could easily have gone for another day as I know we missed such a lot, and we didn't stop for most of the day. Apart from food and drink I am happy to say I only bought this bargain metal basket for £5 and it holds my very old clay pots beautifully.

I will post some photo's of the flower show in a day or so. I took so many but lots of them are arty farty ones which will look good on cards. I love to do that sort of photography it's always nice to send a unique card that can't be bought in the shops.


Anonymous said...

Hello Maureen. I love the nautical theme of your summerhouse. It looks so fresh. I expect you will be spending happy hours there in the future.

Margaret said...

Your summer house is beautiful, Maureen and your potting bench too. I'd love a summer house, I'll just have to make do with my shed!

Suzie Hull said...

Hi Maureen, your summerhouse is absolutely to die for!! it's gorg. I would love a summerhouse like that, so good, thanks for sharing it. x

Maureen said...

Ah ! Thank you Jean, Margaret and Suzie for your lovely comments. The summerhouse is special to me because I bought it with some money my darling mum left me when she died 5 years ago. She always wanted to buy me one and I wouldn't let her ( too expensive) but now I wish I had as she would have loved to sit in there and drink tea with us. I have a photo of her In there so I think of her when I'm in there. M x