Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Photo's of all our hard work

I remembered to take the camera today!  We (Austin helped) worked for another three plus hours.  It's all coming together and looking better. I sprayed diluted 'jeyes fluid' in the greenhouse especially on the slats of the wooden bench as I want to start some seeds of in there in a week or so.

Our water doesn't get turned on by the local council until this week-end, so I will give the greenhouse a gentle hose down when the water is on.  Then there are are pot's and trays to disinfect and scrub ready for the tomatoes & chillies.
I left the wallflowers in the ground from last year and I am so glad I did as they look beautiful and smell lovely. They are outside the greenhouse and I picked some today along with my lovely pink 'Hellebore' what a lovely little bouquet they made to take home. I can't wait to have the masses of flowers on the plot again as last year I had so many to cut for the house it was amazing.

Just picked and ready to take home. My first home grown flowers this year.

Wallflowers left in from last year looking strong and healthy and smelling so good.

At home in a vase looking and smelling Sweet.

I dug and raked until the soil looked good and most of the stones were removed.  Until the next visit that is !!! they just appear again days later, it's a no win situation. I guess the stones help with drainage so best not complain too much..  We then mulched the beds with the farmyard manure we had delivered a few weeks ago  and the plot looks better already.  I have been hardening off the broad beans each day and covering them with loads of fleece in the mini greenhouse at night.  As soon as the frosts have finished which should be around mid April.??  I will then get them in the ground, if not sooner ! I could get them in under a couple of polythene tunnels.

Photo's of the freshly dug and manured beds. I have a mix of raised beds and open traditional beds. I like both as they each have their good points.

The garlic is looking healthy (below) I had a good crop last year, so hopefully this one will be too.

Chillies and Tomatoes growing well (fingers crossed) hopefully they will be big enough to pot on at the end of next week. My windowsill is getting a bit crowded, so I will be glad to get them into the greenhouse on the allotment, when it's warmer and they are big enough to cope.

Happy sowing and growing everyone
M x


Anonymous said...

You certainly have been busy! At this time of year it all seems to need doing at once, doesn't it?
The first of my tomato seeds has only just germinated today, so I'm a fair bit behind you.

The Cookie Jar said...

You have your plot looking ready for the growing season. The council here doesn't turn on the water until the end of April.

Margaret said...

Your plot is looking very tidy, and that vase of flowers is beautiful. I love hellebores

Sue said...

What a lovely looking plot, i'm looking forward to following your growing adventures this year.
I've just started a few seeds in pots - leeks, cabbage and white sprouting broccoli. I hope to get up to my half-plot on Friday to get the parsnip, beetroot and carrot seeds in. The early potatoes too... so much to do!
Water is always available to us (as far as I know) but we are not allowed hoses - and there's a hosepipe ban at home too now, as Suffolk is in a state of drought!

Jean Burke said...

Maureen you have been working hard and your allotment looks great. Your post was like a trip down memory lane for me. When I lived in England I loved the wallflowers. I remember we also used to call them Jillies, or is that gillies. But they have the most beautiful smell. And the pink hellebores are lovely. It was pouring with rain in Brisbane yesterday morning, but I still made it to the allotment. A group of us meet there every Wednesday morning to work on our allotments, drink tea and eat cake. Can't miss that

Pam said...

The flowers look gorgeous! Here's to a wonderful growing season.
P x

Damo said...

You've been very busy. And lovely flowers, my one and only hellebore is doing it's best but I need to plant a few more!