Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I've grown too much AGAIN !!!!

Last year I vowed not to grow excess amounts of veg on the plot this year, but I'm not sure how it happened but I have done it again.  Although it's lovely to share with the neighbours (which I did today !) but it all takes time to look after such vast amounts of plants. Trouble is I can't bring myself to compost healthy plants so even though I give away lot's of plants every year, I still have way too many.

I had a good harvest today and It's scary to know that although my fridge is full there will be more to harvest on my next visit. Next year I have to get it right !! how do you manage to just grow enough ? or do you also do as I do and grow too much ?

Here is some photo's taken on the plot today, it's all looking very lush. I dug up some garlic from the second bed  and this variety 'Cristo' is huge, it fit's into the palm of my hand.

The Globe Artichokes are enormous and growing like crazy.

The onions are growing well, they looked like blades of grass when I put them in as I grew them from seed.

I have lots of  self seeded Sunflowers and Calendulas, all brightening up the plot

The pumpkin and squashes are in

The Spinach has been amazing, but is slowly going to seed now so I have sown some more today.

The Runner beans and French beans have now reached the top of the wigwams and are all in flower.

The Tayberry has quite a few fruits now and I have been eating some for a couple of days.

The gooseberries have loads of fruit, the green ones are huge and the red ones are just turning from green to red and are delicious.

I am growing Cape Gooseberries in the greenhouse and this one is really getting big now and has quite a few fruits forming

And finally  here is the Broad beans, Mangetout, and Calabrese that I harvest today. I haven't grown calabrese before and I am so pleased with it as the heads have grown so big over the last week, I will definitely grow it every year.

It's been an amazing year so far, and there is so much more to come. All the potatoes are dug up now as I only grew first earlies. I will post the results on the varieties soon, as they were unusual  and I haven't grown them before.


Cathy and Steve said...

The tayverry is one I've never heard of. Love your gooseberries though. My grandmother had a gooseberry bush... I so miss it! It's easy to grow too much. You get a box of seeds, you plant them all. You could perhaps substitute a few flowering plants for some color and fun, but I have a hard time not planting seeds LOL.

Mark Willis said...

My crops this year have been good so far too. I think it is because we had such a warm Spring. I never have a huge glut, because my plot is very small, but like you I do enjoy being able to give away a few things to family and friends.
This year I have tried to be more ruthless with disposing of "spares". Growing more than you need uses up unnecessary time, water and in my case, compost for the pots and containers.

allot of veg said...

you should become more of a slacker - like me! Overproduction has not been a problem so far this year. Except raspberries -and i can hardly take the credit for those. Well done anyway it all looks fab.

Ali said...

Well done Mo, it's all looking fantastic to me!!

Maureen said...

Hi Cathy & Steve, I checked out your blog and I have to say your garden is stunning. You should try and grow a Tayberry as it's very different, apparently a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry, I'm not sure if that is just a description of the taste or quite literally how it came about. I have about four full flower beds on my allotment, so no shortage of flowers but just too much veg !!

Hi Mark, I'm glad your having a good year as well. Your right about one thing it does take up water, compost and pots to raise extra unnecessary plants. Next year I have to get it right.

Allot of Veg, you always make me smile ! I don't think you are a slacker what with a family to look after and a job. I'm surprised you get time to grow anything on your plot. Enjoy the raspberries.

Hi Ali, thanks for the comment and Have a Happy Birthday the 3rd.
M x

Jo said...

It's all looking great. I love to grow excess so that I can give some away, but I also freeze whatever I can so that I can use it in to the winter months. Looks like you've had a good year for garlic.

Randy Emmitt said...

That is one huge garlic. Growing gooseberries, I have seen them growing in the NC mtns but did not know they were so tasty. Abundance is good....

Maureen said...

Hi JO, yes the garlic has been amazing. I must do a post saying which one was the most successful.

Hi RANDY, Thanks for the comment. I just had a quick peep at your blog, will go back when time allows. I loved the photo of the day lily, one of my favourite plants.

Aimee @ The Stylish Nest said...

Wow your garden is doing amazing! Our whole season has been off this year and we are off to a late start. I think we will be lucky to get anything from our plantings this year. You are growing some interesting things too!