Sunday, 15 August 2010

Today's bumper harvest

I haven't been up to the allotment for a couple of days, so I went up today and found lots of little jobs that needed urgent attention. The first big job was to cut the comfrey back as it was so overgrown that it was hiding two courgette plants. I will never be able to use it all myself, so I'll give some away to other plot holders to make comfrey tea. It might stink but it's a great tonic for the plants. I will add some to the compost bins as well as it's a good accelerator and adds lots of goodness to the compost.

Then I had some weeding to do, lot's of weeding ! The 'Munchkin' squashes grown this year from seeds kindly sent to me by Kella ( where is that girl ?? she hasn't posted for ages !! ) anyway back to the Munchkins, they have taken over vast amounts of space on the plot, meandering here and there and sprouting baby munchkins all over the place, we had a tiny one (accidentally cut off too early) for dinner this evening, steamed with all the other veg we had and it was delicious.

My harvest today consisted of :
1 large swede
2 munchkin squashes
2 large 'Abraham Lincoln' tomatoes
lots of cherry tomatoes
10 beetroot
french beans
2 long green courgettes
1 very overgrown large round green courgette

My neighbours are very pleased that I grow my own as they have been benefiting from my bumper harvests this year. It's nice to give some away as there is only so much one can eat or freeze, it's good to share it.



it's been a while since i've made it over this way and i'm so happy to drop by today - yuuummmmm....all those beautiful fresh healthy veggies!!!! does a heart good!

great to see you again! have a glorious day!

Maureen said...

Hi GYPSYWOMAN, thanks for the visit and the comment. Lots of those veggies went into a soup for lunch today and were delicious.
M x

Mrs Dobby said...

Lovely havest you got there, wish my carrots were as good!

Pam said...

A lovely harvest Maureen. I like to make soup from the veg, too, but I very rarley freeze them. Friuts - yes, and lots of them. Not too sure why that is especially as I like to freeze the soup.
And just where is Kella? Enjoying a long summer break do you think?
P xx

Damo said...

Hi Maureen, wow what a great harvest, it's great to have so much fresh produce.

Maureen said...

Hi MRS DOBBY,thank you. The carrots aren't that good shape and size wise, but they sure taste good, better than any from the shop.

Hi PAM, I haven't tried freezing soup I will have a go. I am running out of freezer space this year with all the fruit I froze.
I have e-mailed Kella to see if she is OK, but no answer so far, perhaps she is away on holiday.

Hi DAMO, it is great to have such a great harvest, yours are always pretty awesome too. There is such satisfaction in looking at a meal and knowing that apart from the meat everything else on the plate was home grown.

Carrie said...

Oh now that is a happy harvest photo - yummy!

Maureen said...

Ah, Thanks CARRIE.

Vegetable Heaven said...

You are soon going to need a bigger draining board! Well done.

Maureen said...

Ha Ha, thanks VEGETABLE HEAVEN, your right ! it's already spilling over onto the worktop.