Friday, 2 July 2010

What a difference a month makes !!

My first two french beans 'Fasold' I grew these last year and they are delicious. There are lots of flowers so I'm hoping for a bumper crop this year.

Two rows of beetroot, I didn't thin them out in time, so now I am pulling them as baby ones and leaving some in to get bigger.

The three varieties of courgettes. I also planted seeds for long yellow ones, but I think I gave them all away by mistake as the tags got lost, so I have planted two long green ! doh !!

Two varieties of Parsnips either end carrots in the middle and some self sown nasturtiums.

The herb bed

Some of the squashes, I have lot's more.

These two are 'Legend'

This is a little 'Turks cap' squash

The broad beans, I have had such a bumper crop this year and they have unfortunately been covered in blackfly. I didn't pinch out the tops early enough, but they wash off and have to be podded anyway. I love to eat my broad beans small and tender.

I have a real little Eco system going on amongst the broad beans, but these two would rather get up to more interesting things than eat the blackfly !!

Ohhh the lovely mangetout, my favourite this year, I have just got another row going for after this row gives out.

Purple brussel sprouts (at the back) and purple sprouting broccoli (in front) I have to thin them out as they are too close together and more than I need, but rather than compost some and then lose the ones I planted (sod's law !) I put them all in for the time being. (my law !)

Potatoes, two rows of Charlotte (second earlies) and two rows of 'King Edward' (main crop)
I have had one row of 'Charlotte up and they are delicious.

Onions, red and white and all grown from seed. There's about 150 all together in this and another bed.

Red Gooseberries

A small fruit harvest from yesterday. I have been picking strawberries every day and have frozen bags of them.

A small fruit and veg harvest from a couple of days ago. Sadly the spinach is all gone so I must sow some more.

That's it for today, I took masses of photo's this afternoon, far to many to show here in this post, so I will put some more on later. Have a great week-end everyone. I'm looking forward to next week as we are going to Hampton Court Flower Show. I have been every year for about 7 years now and love it for the photography as well as all the lovely plants and ideas.


Mrs Dobby said...

Looking good, a lot of your crops are much further on than ours, I'm jealous! ;)

Love the Trespassers sign too, may have to borrow that idea! Lol!

Maureen said...

MRS DOBBY, your very welcome to borrow the sign, Ali from Stanley Road allotments liked it too and made herself one last year it's on her shed.

Steph said...

everything looks great. i should try those 'ball' courgettes next time. i imagine they taste the same? your allotment looks fabulous. you should be so proud of what you have achieved in just a couple of seasons :) i have lots to live up to!

Vegetable Heaven said...

Lovely pictures. Don't you just love high summer?

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Your allotment looks fab, wish mine looked as pretty :-)

Maureen said...

Thank you STEPH, VEGETABLE HEAVEN & SCENTED SWEETPEAS for your kind comments. STEPH the ball courgettes are delicious cooked or raw in salads. I love the yellow ones.

Carrie said...

That is impressive - well done you!

Anna said...

Wow what a show Maureen. love that blue shed door. Enjoy Hampton Court!

Maureen said...

Thanks CARRIE & ANNA, I'm having a break for a couple of days at the moment at my sons,as i'm all gardened and allotmented out !!! mind you the grandchildren are keeping me just as busy !

Pam's English Garden said...

Maureen, Your allotment is brilliant now! I need to do a post on the progress of my kitchen garden, but it cannot begin to compare with yours. I am so.o.o impressed. Enjoy the grandchildren and Happy July. Pam x

twiggypeasticks said...

I'm blog hopping and found your lovely blog. You are an inspiration, we got our first ever allotment a couple of months ago and have started from scratch. Due to a lack of time and obtaining our lottie at the end of May we've been furiously digging up weeds and planting like billyo. It doesn't look much yet but is very satisfying. My little boy is growing some great pumpkins and parsnips and loves it.
Please feel free to pop over and take a look. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Joanne said...

Hi Maureen your allotment is looking so attractive.

I am not going to Hampton Court until Friday this year as I am going with my daughter and that is the only day she is free. So you should be able to post photos before me this year. Have a lovley trip.

Damo said...

Wow Maureen it all looks fantastic. You've got a bit of that Alys Fowler look going on down at the plot. Love the ball courgettes, saw loads of those on the market stalls in Brittany, will have to try some next year.

Kella said...

Everything is looking so lush and gorgeous, I am so jealous. Well done!