Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I'm excited the sun is shining, i'm off to the lottie.

It's a perfect day today, sun, warmth, everything that's favourable for working on the plot. SO I'm off to put in the broad beans, check on the asparagus and dig a few beds.
Watch this space for an update this evening. I have been busy on rainy days too, check out my craft blog, the link is in the right hand column of the blog.

Ooohh I am so excited, seeds are up on the windowsills, I am going to have more cutting flowers galore this year, and I just did a garden inspection and tulip bulbs I bought last year are up, 'Red Orach' seeds collected from last years plants and scattered about last week have germinated. That means the earth is lovely and warm.


Bangchik said...

It is true that sun is quite central to our existence. The source of power, and now with Spring setting in, Sun definitely is the source of joy to gardeners. The sunflowers had been worshiping the sun for ages and have been following sun's whereabouts for ages. ~bangchik

Jo said...

Looking forward to the update, Maureen. I've got lots more cutting flowers this year too. My cutting patch was a poor attempt really last year, so I'm determined to improve on it.

Sheila said...

Sounds like a good day!

Sheila said...

Sounds like a good day to me!

Anna said...

You sound full of the joys of spring Maureen. I hope that you have had a productive day. Cloudy here and wet this afternoon so was not tempted out to the lottie
- another day :)

Maureen said...

BANGCHICK, you always say the wisest things,whenever I see your comments on anyone's blog, it always sounds deep and 'wise' thank you.
JO, have you planted any Dahlias ? as they are beautiful as cut flowers, and also Zinnias, my seeds have just germinated.
SHEILA, welcome ! I haven't seen a comment from you before so I will check out your blog later.
ANNA, I truly was full of the joys of spring today. I spent a long time on the plot and enjoyed every minute. I hope your weather improves.

Jo said...

I have planted some Dahlia's, Maureen, just a packet of mixed ones, and also some Zinnias. I've got Cosmos too, Cornflowers, Poppies, Gypsophilia, Rudbeckia, can't remember what else at the moment. I've been waiting to read your update post, my phone line went down on Thursday morning and they've only just got it sorted out now so I haven't had any internet connection, so I'm going to have a read and see what you got done now.