Monday, 9 November 2009

Chickpeas and Pumpkin curry, and Raspberry canes

Yesterday I made a fabulous vegetarian curry with this Squash ( below ) which is called 'Uchiki Kuri' and I would recommend growing them as they are delicious and such a pretty fruit as well.
The recipe was in the Sunday supplement magazine and taken from a book by Nigel Slater called : - Tender Volume 1: A cook and his vegetable Patch. I had a look through it in the shop today and it's now on my wish list for Christmas (cheaper from Amazon )

I had to adapt the recipe a bit to my own style as I didn't have dried chickpeas, but had a can of organic ones, I didn't have coconut milk so used a chunk off a block of creamed coconut I had in the fridge. So I can't say if the original is better than my adaptation, all I know is it was delicious. I also added cooked french beans at the end of cooking for a bit of contrasting colour, this wasn't in the recipe either. great served with Brown basmati rice.
You will find the recipe for this dish here

'Uchiki Kuri ' Squash

Chickpeas, with Pumpkin, Lemongrass and Coriander.
(and green beans !)


Thanks Ena
I met a lovely lady today who gave me lots of early fruiting raspberry canes. I posted a wanted ad on Freecycle, and Ena very kindly offered me some that needed digging up. So Austin and myself went along and dug up quite a few. Some are for us and some for a couple of other plot holders. I already have late fruiting canes, so the early ones will extend the harvesting season for me. Mmmmm more raspberry curd !!

Ena also gave me some seeds called 'Pea beans' apparently grown like runner beans up a wigwam or climbing frame. I have never heard of them before, so googled it and there is quite a lot of info to be had, I just have to find time to read up on them before sowing next year.

So if you are reading this post Ena, thanks for everything and for the cooking apples as well.

I am still collecting leaves for my leaf mould and now have about 10 sacks, and still collecting. The things we gardeners do !


Jo said...

Your recipe looks delicious. I haven't grown any squash this year but want to try a few varieties next year, so thank you for the recommendation.

allot of veg said...

We had veg curry for dinner tonight. The boys like alootment curry (although I failed on a full complement of ingredients)
Yours does look good!
My squash were small due to being under fed and under watered. I will be inspired to pay more attention next year!

Kella said...

Lovely looking dish and isn't freecycle great.

Popped in to say I'm back and to give you an award, so don't forget to pop by to pick it up.

Prospero said...

Hey, Doc - what is creamed coconut?

I like how you improvise on a recipe and personalize (improve) it. That's a handy talent to have.

It's a pretty neat looking squash, too.

Did I say how good the final result looks?

Beth Niquette said...

I found you just now on Prospero's blog. What a wonderful-looking recipe! Mouthwatering. I am off to cook!

Ali said...

Looks scrummy, I would ask you for the recipe but hubby is allergic to coconut of all things! There's me - I can't eat wheat/gluten etc & him - coconut - what a pair!
Hope you are well & that this wind won't effect your allotment this weekend. x

Joanne said...

Hi Maureen looks delicious. Freecycle is a useful thing I got rid of my Harpsichord through there recently found a suitable chap who had built one so knew how to care for it. We are in the midst of building work only small but needed the extra space.

Anna said...

Have had this book out of the library for a couple of weeks Maureen and it's on my Christmas list too :) Volume 2 is going to be all about fruit. How many squashes does 'Uchiki Kuri' produce per plant?

Maureen said...

THANK YOU ALL, for the comments and I am sorry I haven't been able to reply individually as I usually do, it's been a busy week.

ANNA, you asked how many squashes I got from the 'Uchiki Kuri', I only got two, but I think it would have been many more if I hadn't have planted it under the Sweetcorn. So next year I am going to plant lot's more and have them in full sun.

Maureen said...

PROSPERO, sorry ! I just noticed you asked what is creamed coconut ? well I'm not sure how it's made, but it comes in a block, and you cut off how much you need and add to boiling water to make coconut milk. I personally just add it cut off the block and straight into the dish I am cooking. Works for me !!

Prospero said...


No wonder I didn't know what creamed coconut was! Here, of course, we grow real coconuts!

The little fruit you ask about is not so little. It's papaya and it's extremely good for you. It contains papain which is used as a meat tenderizer.

Sorry you couldn't get to your asparagus patch! It's been raining a lot here too and my tomatoes have had enough (me also).

See all the catching up we had to do!