Monday, 18 May 2009

The Dahlias are in at last.

Do you remember my Dahlias that I grew from seed ? well today I planted some of them out in the cutting bed on the allotment. Now I can't wait to see them flower. I grew 70 plants, and lost about 5 to the frosts in the cold greenhouse. I gave lots away to family and lottie neighbours and still have many more for myself.
I grew 2 varieties: Disco Dancer -mixed, and Fireworks -mixed

Dahlias starting out.
Three views of the bed the Dahlias are in.

In this bed are Cosmos,'Sonata Dwarf mixed' , Echinacea, 'Pink Parasol' , Cornflower, 'Polka Dot mixed', Dahlias (as above), Cerinthe major, and Atriplex hortensis var. Rubra which is really a herb, but a very beautiful plant, the colour is fabulous. I bought one at the Hampton Court flower show last year and it self seeded dozens of little new plants for free !! (see photo below)


Kella said...

All your young plants look very healthy. I have Atriplex hortensis var. Rubra too but the seed was given to me via a swap, sowed ten got five. They have about the same amount of leaves as yours but not as big. I plan to use them to edge one of the vege beds then when they have seed I'll scatter some fresh seed in my flower beds and in some of the gapes between the brick footpath and raised bed wood edges.

Prospero said...

I think the Atriplex (Red Orach) can be used as a spinach substitute. Or just as an ornamental. The red leaves are very pretty. Your beds are always so neat and tidy.

Maureen said...

KELLA Atriplex seeds so freely so you will have loads next year. If you need anymore now though I have lots of seeds that I didn't need to sow as there were so many self seeders in the bed where the original plant was. I have potted on some self seeders and given lots of plants away, plus have some to sell at a boot sale. So that was £2.99 well spent last year at Hampton Court !!!!
PROSPERO you are correct in saying that the leaves can be used like spinach, but I haven't tried it yet. The plant is just so pretty. I had my last £3 in cash on me at the flower show last year and just had to buy the Red Orach plant which was £2.99, so I just had enough, Phew ! I had never seen the plant before then.

EB said...

It's interesting to read how different people are in their attitudes, helps to stop me getting (even more) narrow minded. I grew cosmos a couple of years ago and hated them because the wretched things wouldn't stop flowering, they were at it for months! Best of luck with the dahlias. I look forward to seeing pictures of them in little jars on your mantelpiece.

Pam said...

Hi Maureen,
Have sent an email using your yahoo address - couldn't get the tiscali one to work. Let me know if you don't get it.
The cutting patch you've made looks pretty darn good.
I've planted some of the Atriplex in mine and some in the garden - so thank you very much for the seeds!
P x

Maureen said...

EMILY, that has to be the strangest thing I have heard yet ! how can anyone possibly get annoyed at beautiful flowers going on and on flowering? unless of course you didn't like the flowers!
Although I could live with minimalist and just have more green shrubbery than flowers around as long as said shrubs were architectural or very interesting, but for me mixed borders especially big flowers are so cheery.
I was never a fan of Dahlias before I saw them on the allotment last year and at Hampton Court, so maybe they will win me over this year.

Maureen said...

Hi PAM, I got the e-mail on Yahoo, don't know why the tiscali one didn't work I use that all the time. I'm glad you like the cutting patch, it was your influence that got me doing one at the allotment in the first place, so thank you for the inspiration.
I'm so glad the seeds all germinated for you, and hope those plants will self seed for many years to come.

Kella said...

Hi thanks for the offer for red orache seeds but I still have quite a few.

Like you I'm not much of a dahlia fan, only to find out recently that it is edible, so I will most likely add it to the garden at some point.

Joanne said...

They will be lovely to watch grow and flower

allot of veg said...

Hi Maureen
Your blog is always an inspiration - I guess this means I should try to get my dahlias in too, and I never thought I'd be writing that sentence! I've grown a dozen plants for cut flowers as I saw some on the plot last year looking very cheerful as my plot went into its autumn decay. Yours are bigger than mine though, as always, I'll keep trying.

Maureen said...

ALLOT OF VEG, thanks for your comment, I'm glad your Dahlias have done well. It's quite easy to grow them from seed isn't it? I honestly thought they would be difficult. Like you I saw them on the allotment last year flowering until the first frosts and thought I would give them a go especially since they are a traditional allotment flower.
My late father loved them, so if he's looking down on me he will be smiling with approval. Don't forget to post some pics when yours are in and especially when they are flowering.

Jo said...

You're going to have a lovely colourful plot. I've also grown some Dahlia's from seed, but mine are nowhere as big as yours.

Millie said...

One of our dearest family friends always grew the most beautiful Dahlias in memory of his lovely wife who's middle name was Dahlia. They were quite spectacular & your post has reminded me so much of them both. He passed away last year aged 95 & I miss him & his Dahlias very much. Looking forward to seeing your beauties soon Mo.
Millie ^_^

Veg and Flower Time said...

Evening Maureen,

Sorry for taking so long to reply to you, but the last month has seen the birth of the first grand child, and the falling thru of a house purchase. Good news is, have found another, house that is, with a huge garden, some would say a blank canvass, at this stage I'm thinkin life sentence, haven't been up to much in the garden, just maintainance and planting out.