Saturday, 6 December 2008

Sometimes we take things for granted.

Perhaps I should re-phrase that to "I take things for granted", because I don't know if anyone else does, but I do know that I do. You may wonder what brought this on ? well ! I often think I need more, and maybe start feeling that more possessions or more money or more holidays will make me happier and better contented. (Not that I am unhappy or discontented, well not often anyway !)

Then the other evening sitting in my living room, curtains shut, heating on, candles lit ( I am a candle freak and always have been ) glass of wine, listening to some music (got the picture !) I suddenly realised by looking around my cosy room (even though the sofa's are old) that it looked great and I that I often forget and take for granted just how much I/we have. IE: - a cosy home, a brilliant family, each other, etc ! and lots of people have nothing, literally nothing, and so I got my camera out (this was very late at night ) and went around snapping little snapshots of my home, just little items and cosy corners that although have no big value, but to us are memories of who gave them to us or where and when we chose them. Even things in my food cupboard, like my favourite porridge (OK ! Very odd ) I got carried away snapping and even took a couple next day in the garden, but this exercise made me look at my home in a different light, almost like I hadn't seen it for ages. I recommend you do this if you ever feel dissatisfied.

Anyway I added them all in a set on FLIKR ( "Images of Home" link below if you care to look) and honestly when I looked at them it all looked cosy and warm and made me realise that I don't need anything else at all. Well maybe some more !!!!!!!! ?????


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

How lovely, sometimes I think we are so busy photographing things - we forget to capture the ordinary.
Thank you for adding my blog to your list of links, much appreciated.

Maureen said...

Thank you for your comment Karen, it's always nice to know someone has had a read of the blog. I'm sure you must get lots of visitors to yours as it's lovely.

Leigh said...

I wonder about the story behind each of these items . . . Beautiful visual composition.
Bravo. Leigh