Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hi I'm back !!!!

Well its been a while and the last post was a bit of a moan! It has kind of sorted as the council listened to what I had to say and asked if I wanted to take it further to the commitee.  I decided not to and we agreed to wait and see if anything more happened !  So far so good.  The warden has stayed Way from me and I him so I have been  enjoying my allotment once again.

I have done a lot in the few months since moving plots and have a fair bit growing. There are more courgettes than I can shake a stick at !!!!  And all the bean varieties are coming at once.
Usually the broad beans finish, then I have the runner beans and then the lovely French beans.
But this year all are coming at the same time and I have given loads away.

My previous plot although steep and hard to manage had its good bits which I now realise.  The first being I hardly had any bind weed and the pidgeons never ate my red gooseberries.  But here on
plot 30 bind weed is rampant everywhere and lots of other weeds I hadn't seen on plot 19 (previous plot)  and the pidgeons have stripped my gooseberries here on plot 30 ! Damn ! I love the red gooseberries, I will cover them next year.  Everyone this side of the allotment cover theirs and I wondered why ! The red currents also got eaten by the birds. I just had a few clusters left, another one to cover next year.

I hope you are all having great harvests and enjoying the weather.  I can't honestly say I am as I don't function well in the heat ! Its nice to see the sun and lovely blue skies, but feeling like someone has put me in the oven just doesn't appeal to me.

I wanted to post some photos but can't seem to get to my photos on the photo stream on my iPad, so need to do it from the laptop

M x